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Worries about ScripthookV not updating...

  • @TrustNo1 i hope your are right

  • Correct me if I'm wrong here but isn't all this stuff history now? A few days ago didn't Rockstar and Take Two send letters out ordering everyone to cease their GTA-5 modding efforts? I'm reading through this thread and it's not making any sense to me because I thought it included scripthookv updates too. Please forgive me if I'm not up on the latest news and info regarding this issue, as I was under the assumption scripthookv, openiv, etc, etc.... pretty much all of it, was shut down on account of Rockstar being the greedy, controlling bastards they are. I realize there's probably more to it than that but I'm still upset over no longer being able to play GTA-5 offline using my favorite vehicles and mods anymore. I'm the first to admit I'm not the most technical person anymore due to my illness, and I don't really understand why I can no longer play my favorite game the way I want OFFLINE on my own damn computer. But again, isn't this why scripthookv has not and will not provide further updates?

  • @RanditoCarlito if you follow the topics. you can still mod and run gta 5 previous update without any problems.

    also all modding wasn't said to be illegal. C&D were given only to OpeniV . later they banned online mod menu's like force Hax and menyoo. the later was a good thing as online mod menu's are illegal.

    sadly openiv was caught in a wrong situation. i believe openiv should be not stopped.

  • I think we would have heard something by now if Scripthook was included in this mess. I could be wrong. But from what I can see AB and Scripthook were never explicitly targeted. So we can expect scripthook to get updated as usual.

  • @FoxtrotDelta

    Thank you for the explanation. I've read through many of the topics but it's been difficult for me to really comprehend everything going on. I greatly appreciate your info :ok_hand:

  • @FoxtrotDelta

    script hook today or tommorow update

    how are you think?

  • @CamxxCore said in getting worried over scripthookv..... not updating...:

    I think we would have heard something by now if Scripthook was included in this mess. I could be wrong. But from what I can see AB and Scripthook were never explicitly targeted. So we can expect scripthook to get updated as usual.

    My thoughts exactly. Alex would have made an official statement by now if he abandoned shv. I've just been to his shv thread over at gtaforums even though it's currently locked but there is nothing new in his initial post and neither at the end of the thread.

    @Bddjjfjfjxi Nobody knows yet. Gunrunning is a big update. Just be patient.

  • Come on guys. Think about it. Don't you think that Blade would have already announced that he had no intentions of updating it, rather than to simply disappear forever? He would have made a disclaimer on his site, and in the forums. Seriously, you think the guy would vamoose without nary a word?

  • @Cyron43

    how you sure of script hook update??

  • @Bddjjfjfjxi I am 100% positive. The author, if having no intentions of updating it, would have made a farewell message and pinned it on his page, also he would have done the same in the GTA forums for his scripthookv thread. The fact that no such message has been posted, is what tells us he is working on it. The man would not cease to work on it, and just leave everyone in the dark. That would be totally out of character for the guy.

  • No comments from Blade are a good sign. So sit wait, have some popcorn and remember waiting hasn't (or for the most part) killed anyone, so just relax and wait. Personally i am giving him 15 days.. after that i will begin to wait longer (after that moment of panic has set in).

  • Just take care about one thing: GunRunning is not a ordinary game update, has a lot of new features and scripting functions, so requires research, tests and more time than the expected.

    P.S. : Other thing sure is doing AB, tighten the security of his script because was discovered the usage of bypass to make possible the use in online mode.

  • @eshenk but why alex script hook update no comment??

  • I wish I did backup my game before update, first timer here since started using sp mods... regret it to this moment lol

  • I don't. Wishful thinking is that it will update, but I think the mod community is done.

  • here all forum user Are you sure?

    here all forum user to trust script hook update??

    i believe for update script hook

  • @FoxtrotDelta

    can you belilve script hook update??

  • Hi guys,
    Just a simple question : if we update Scripthook, we have to update also the mods which are using it, right ?

    Sorry, noob question I know but I got into modding not so long ago and I'm facing the first update issue with the (f******g) new GTA 5 DLC.

  • hey guys just wondering what happen to the new script hook not out yet it has been like 12 days to be exact. also just wondering is it only one guy doing the work on the script hook or is it more than one person and i know that he could be busy with something else,sometimes the new scripthook comes out fast and sometimes takes alittle while. i am getting worry hope nothing happens to the scripthook and just no fun without them for the single player thanx.

  • @hhuey29335050 it has hardly been 5 days i think.

  • Banned

    @FoxtrotDelta uhh today is the 20th. update was the 13th. that's 7 days in my book

  • @KingsixIII my bad i recived it on 15th. i stand corrected. still isn't 12 days as the above post states

  • Banned

    @FoxtrotDelta no worries. I'm just keeping track. I have a $100 bet on this. LOL

  • @KingsixIII betting and gambling is always not advised . ppl always end up loosing alot :P



    Alex, has never commented in the past when there have been updates to ScripthookV.

    I can understand why, I don't think anyone would enjoy being nagged insistently by a bunch of strangers who want you to work for free and have high demands and little patience...

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