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Volvo 850 GLT [Completed | Released]

  • @Sabrina2001 depends on quality of a car and 3d model developer or a person who rigs the mode for gta 5. for example i prefer to take 40$ for HQ model and details. for extra details and features imagine an extra add up cost. for a reduced or medium quality i can do 25$.

    but first i need to know which car it is. and if there is a 3d model available or not. vehicle make and model and year of production is really helpful.

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    The Car in Question would be this one >> http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/cars/15590-volvo-850-glt/
    Volvo 850 GLT
    Depending on the Quality, of course I would be willing to pay more :)
    I see that it is a lot of work, and of course would want to pay for the value and time/effort of the work!!
    Most important to me is, that it supports the GTA 5 Plates. Tuning (or tuning parts) at Los Santos Customs is not required, except respray.

    P.S. I remember when I had that car in GTA SA, it always appeared very high quality to me (especially compared to the other cars in GTA SA)

  • @Sabrina2001 i will ask that author for permission. but that model seems medium quality. i will have a look in case. and if that author agrees i might use that model. however i have 2 more models which are better suited. i'll show photos in a different topic later.

  • @Sabrina2001 i made a new topic for you to talk in . for this particular request.

    here is the model i intend to use it is from Forza motorsport 6
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Let me know if i can use this model or should i use that san andrease model?

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    That one looks awesome too!!!
    That would definitely work as well :) :)

  • @Sabrina2001 i think the gta 4 guy used this model may be. anyways this is top of the line model from forza people. they make awesome cars.

    and this way the quality can be near to that ford escape 2012. it's interior is awesome too. i can start working on it after 25th june if that's okay. usually take me 7 to 9 days to complete a vehicle mod.

  • @Sabrina2001 V70 is also possible. and many others. but what ever you chose let me know. this one is what i personally think would be loved by you and who ever uses it.

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    As I said, no rush :)
    This model would spawn with the SA Plates in GTA 5 then ? (If I edit the carvariations file correctly of course)

  • @Sabrina2001

    Video of the model in forza 6

  • @Sabrina2001 you won't have to edit carvariations i think. it will spawn just like ford escape 2012 . did you check it on ford?

    with gta 5 plats ofcourse.

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    The 850 from Forza is fine :)
    And if others will be happy about it, that's an added Bonus!

    By the Way, I think I did it correctly with Patron and will now be donating $25 to your work starting on the next 1st of the month (according to the e-mail I received)

  • @Sabrina2001 i can see that you just pledged 25 $ thank you for that , i appriciate it, but as stated above 25$ would be for a medium quality mod , the model i showed you from forza would require some extra time and work , as it is going to be HQ exterior and interior.

    You can pledge remaining amount later if you wish . thats not a problem but i thought you should know :)

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    The Carvariations files determines what plates the car gets (if spawned in traffic with an edited popgroups.ymt)
    I add all addon cars so that they will drive around los santos.
    At the end of carvariations is a section called "Plateprobabilities"
    where you can select the percentage of chance for the standard GTA 5 plates
    Standard White / White Plate 2 / Yellow Plate / Blue Plate / guv Plate
    I also have a few custom plates (Vice City, Liberty City, Alamo etc..)
    As soon as my GTA is up and running again I can show you pictures ;)

  • @Sabrina2001 yes patreon charges patrons on 1st of the month or if missed till 5th of the month and we creators recieve it after 5th .

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    Just let me know when you're going to work on that car, and I make sure you have the right amount for your work in time!!
    As I said, I understand it's quite some work to do and of course I want you to get what you deserve for it!! :)

  • @Sabrina2001 i understand , that part you csn set for yourself , as you seem like an expert on that. Carvariations plate thing.

  • @Sabrina2001 i'll send you a message on this website and also. Through patreon, you will get extra rewards for being my patreon. Things like unreleased mods. In time . thank you for subscription.

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    Yup, that's right :D That's the thing I can do myself :)

    Yeah, I never knew about the patron thing before, so I just had to set it up.

  • @Sabrina2001 you set it up quiet quickly. Its a nice tool for creators to support our work.

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    I just hope I did it correctly.
    I intended to support you every month with $25
    Regardless of the fact if you make a car for me or not.
    That way I can show overall support for all your work.
    But with a car like the Volvo, I'd also happily send a little extra from time to time ;) (I just have to figure out how by then)

    Also my GTA has just finished the update, so the moment of truth will come now :D
    I can also make a screenshot of the plate thing then haha

  • @Sabrina2001 if you want to donate in 2 months 25$ that is also okay. works for me.

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    Will do it that way then!! :)

  • @Sabrina2001 cool. deal. :thumbsup:

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    It's doesn't seem to allow the 2x $25 per month, so I have changed it to the $40 per month for now.
    Will leave it at that for the next 2-3 and see if I change it to the $25 then or leave it at $40 (depending on my financial situation in a few months :D )

  • @Sabrina2001 you can cancel subscription after 40$ have been charged from you. i will let you know once it's done. and then you can cancel the subscription no worries there. Thank you.

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