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Now they've killed Menyoo? Are you kidding me?

  • Take Two are taking the piss now! Menyoo is the most useful thing ever, without that it's difficult to do anything in regard to making videos etc. What the hell!


    @OhDee Menyoo is not taken down (at least on this site) yet. The version uploaded to 5mods doesn't allow people to cheat online, so it's safe at the moment here.

  • Eh menyoo support Online trainer so fuck them partially

  • @cyberzone2 Literally the only thing you'd head from me regarding that since 2015 is that I don't support it. The site doesn't even belong to me. And the owner already has my source. He's cool but if I leave it the mod would become a disaster for online. So I just develop it (making sure it's not grief-esque like most online mods) and give it to the testers. I didn't have a computer (or laptop, really) fit enough to play the game before August 2016, so everything went to the testers for over a year anyway. And they demanded online back then. Was a fair trade. Went too far.
    But yes, SP might have to be permanently shut down as well.


    Fair enough.

  • @MAFINS Well, the menu does allow players to send attackers to other players (I've tested it) so I would say it is grief-esque. It also allows you to teleport others to wherever you want, delete their vehicles, etc etc.

  • @MAFINS why would SP have to be shutdown? Why don't you modders show some back-bone instead of folding so easily

  • Menyoo can't even affect online....?

    No, you know what, no doubt fake news. Take-Two must've had the game update so that Menyoo would work with GTA Online, only to have someone go online with Menyoo to have an excuse to kill off Menyoo.

    They should provide evidence it was used to hack Online (Logs should show what scripts were running, right?)

    EDIT: Apparently there's an online version, so I am mistaken.

  • they strike the online version yep, but well i'm not gonna cry about this, even if I hate take two it seems legit.
    About SP i don't think it will be stopped

  • @krashadam There was always an online version for Menyoo. The one uploaded on GTA5-Mods.com has Online features disabled.

  • Did they go after menyoo? Only thing I dont mind them doing, I hate it.

  • @AHK1221 Huh, okay, I get it now.

  • @OhDee MenyooPC [Single-player trainer mod], again is available to the public.

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