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Few Suggestions

    1. Bringing back the videos section. Not with pics together. + separated sections of authors video(s) and user videos
    2. File size under the Download button
    3. Notification for mod-author about comments in the tread, that arent taged with the authors nickname (like on gtainside.com)
    4. And maybe GTA5 related design (background/font/bunner) for the whole site?^^


    looking forward to see them in "site" most needed suggestions

    1. The plan is to allow mod authors to order videos in between images as well, and I'll be starting that soon
    2. As I mentioned in another thread, it's on the list of things to add :slight_smile:
    3. I can consider this as well, it shouldn't be too hard. I would make it an option on the "Edit File" page though, so mod authors don't get spammed if they don't want to
    4. Any ideas for this? I'm not a designer!

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