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Script Hook V

  • I can hardly use ELS, Simple Trainer or anything that requires script hook when Script Hook V has not been updated yet. I cannot also use Emergency Uniforms Pack because Script Hook is not updated.

    Is Script Hook V not updating because T2 might sue them?
    Or is this just how long it normally takes for them to update?

  • @Loppy No one knows. Just have to wait for a release or statement.

    Don't be surprised if it gets shut down. R* and take two have royally fucked themselves this time.

  • Might be my general optimistic Character but i´m pretty sure Scripthook get´s updated.I think last Time or the one before that took Alex a good while too (i think it was a Week) and everyone was already panicking or worse,insulting and cursing on Alex Blade (that´s the Reason why they`re closing the Scripthook Thread at GTA Forums and the Comment Section of 5Mods...many People are just despicable!).At least i hope that it will be updated because i f...ed up my Backup....eh,who cares,there are plenty of Games on my Computer that wants to be played.
    Still would be cool if there would be a Backup Plan with someone creating a new Scripthook,i mean AB posted the Source Code on his Website.So if anyone has the Skills that would be neat,otherwise,just wait and wonder what will come.


    @Loppy NO more topics about ScriptHookV. Just keep visiting the ScriptHookV site until a new one comes. No one knows more than that we should wait.

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