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Archived game save question for offline play

  • I know Rockstar and Take Two recently ordered some game modding processes to cease but I have a question regarding using my backed up game files which I routinely save in between Rockstar game updates. I routinely archive my entire GTA-V folder, which includes my 'mod' folder. In the past when we're all waiting for scripthookv to be updated I would load one of my saved archives and continue to play offline like I always do (I only play offline anyway). Due to the recent action by Rockstar and Take Two, I loaded one of my latest archives and have been playing it the past few days and it's worked flawlessly but tonight when the OFFLINE tab comes up and I click on it which normally continues loading the game I immediately get a "no internet connection" message and it asks if I want to 'quit' or 'retry'. Naturally I clicked "retry" and it just brings me back to the same message and ultimately I'm forced to quit because the game just wont' load. I think I've played maybe 5 or 6 offline sessions since this whole Rockstar/Take Two thing began. Of course, anytime I play using this method I always disconnect my PC from the internet before loading the game.

    My question is does anybody know why I suddenly can no longer play/logon locally to my game and play it? This makes absolutely NO sense to me because what if you went somewhere that had no internet connection for a week or two and you wanted to play the game you paid $60 for? Did Rockstar build some kind of session limit into offline play? I tried loading several other archived game files but to no avail. Each one suddenly fails to load the game but worked flawlessly before. Is there any way around this? I stopped playing online over a year ago because I just can't keep up with other players. I have Parkinson's Disease and I'm doing good just playing offline so this has been a shock to me because this action by Rockstar effectively means I can no longer play this game without the ability to make it easier for me to even get through the levels at all by using a trainer. That's why all this just breaks my heart because for me it means I can no longer play GTA-5 and I know Rockstar/Take Two could give a shit less about people like me. They're in it for the CASH and nothing more.

    Hopefully someone has a trick, a mod, or SOMETHING that will make it so I can continue playing GTA-5 the way so many of us have enjoyed the past couple years now . . . :slight_frown:

  • I guess nobody has any tricks to circumvent the problem of not being able to play offline.

    One thing I realized over the past couple days is there seems to be a limit to the amount of offline logon sessions you can have. Not sure what the exact number is but once you reach that limit you can no longer play "offline"until you somehow logon to their servers, which seems like a really stupid idea because what if you were somewhere that had no internet connection for several days? Apparently you can't play the game you paid for and you're just screwed. Thanks again, Rockstar...

  • @RanditoCarlito You are going about this all wrong man. You don't need to do anything like this. Just load the game up normally, as you cannot login to social club, when you are off-line. In my settings, I tell it to skip the landing page, so that it loads right into SP.

  • Well, there is a way. But you have to login at least one time and after that you can start singleplayer without internet connection.

    I use this method for about one year and it works perfectly even if it`s a bit of a hassle. No need of any bypass script mod or something else.

    1. The first time you have to login with internet connection. Start the game and close it.

    2. Go to the Documents Folder. There is the "cfg" File. Important about this file is the Date.

    3. The next time R* forces you to activate the i-net connection all you have to do is to change the Windows Date to the date you see in the cfg file. Now you are able to start the game offline. The moment you see the game loading(changing Screens), go back to change the Windows time again.

    This method makes you independent from R* Internet Connection Force and any Updates forever. Changing the Date is done in a couple of seconds and it works.;)

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