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Weapon Modeler at your service.

  • Hey everyone, I'm Aj and I would like to introduce myself. Im a 16 year old scrub from NY who just learned to port weapons into GTA 5 today. That being said i have done 5 fully animated weapons so far and have recieved good feedback, so I would like to say I will do requests under one condition, you can give me the model you want ported and animated (or like 420, Knows I have a working one) No pay required, although donations would be nice. hope to make some good friends in this community. - AJ

  • I dont have any requests but i do wish ya the best of luck

  • @largeaj2020 hey if you were up to it it would be cool to see some more video game/movie weapons ported in (like the mass effect ones for example https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/m-8-avenger-mass-effect-2-v1-00-beta which i loved) as there is a miriad of choice with normal weapons but only a few for say halo or whatever

  • also i forgot to say good work on your current ones :) they're well done

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