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Texture LODS load default textures at first

  • Ok, so I'm modding a bunch of textures in the world, and I take care to edit the LOD files as well, but while playing the game, it will still load the original textures before loading my new textures 1-5 seconds later. It's very immersion breaking, and I can't seem to find a solution on my own.

    Right now I'm editing x64k.rpf (South Central), and I've been through every single texture file in there, but no dice. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • @JDOD420 It is the strangest thing I have ever witnessed. To me, it happens to the billboards across from the hick bar. Only there that I have noticed. What it turned out to be, I believe, was due to texture pop-in, which I have since managed to clear up, so now it only happens sometimes, and ever so briefly. But how? The vanilla's were overwritten, so how can it briefly render an image that is no longer there, LOL.

  • Exactly! It shouldn't have the image unless it's stored somewhere else.

  • @JDOD420 First thing to check is vRam consumption - make sure it is NOT in the yellow, also run a benchmark and see what kind of FPS you are getting if it is not in the yellow. Have you noticed any pop-in at all? Stand still in one direction, and then do a 180 - do you see structures or other things popping into view, when they should simply just be there as soon as you look?

  • Sometimes, the models do pop in. My pc was built to run Skyrim, not GTA V. Thankfully my graphics card is more than capable to do ultra settings, but my CPU is very sad.

    Do you think the models are hardcoded with the textures?

  • @JDOD420 Long time player of Skyrim, I came here from Nexus after modding it for over three years. I was contemplating going back to it after legendary edition came out, but when I learned SkyUI would not make compatible version I scratched it. No. Sometimes in a DLC patch an update was made to fix something. Do a search in openIV for the name of the file to see if it pops up somewhere else.

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