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Does OpenIV 2.9 still work with the gunrunning update?

  • Sorry if this has been asked before but you know, the forums are clogged with threads about the current legal issues atm. So I'm wondering whether R* has changed the encryption with the gunrunning update or if we are still able to edit content with OpenIV 2.9.

  • @Cyron43 I think so, but it's not that hard to find out...

  • @TheLoneWolf293 I'd need to update my game in order to find out but I refuse to do so as long as shv is not updated.

  • I never updated openIV to the latest version. I did this: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/11908/openiv-trick-workaround-to-avoid-uninstall-pop-up

    I can still mod using this method.

    I would also like to know whether the method i linked above will work if i update to the latest version of OpenIV?

  • Banned

    @Cyron43 gunrunning update files are editable, but i could not get any vehicles from gunrunning to work on previous versions. You can up date your game and check, and then revert back to previous version. All you need is your current gta5.exe (1032.1) backed up. Once you update the game, check whatever you want, and revert by pasting your current gta5.exe backed up to the folder of GTA 5. Then use gta5bypasslauncher to play the game.

    @Cass U can update, and follow that tut or this:

  • @Akram Thanks for the info

  • @Cass I have simply blocked OpenIV in my firewall and that works flawlessly. :slight_smile:
    @Akram So the encryption hasn't changed. That was my question. Thank you. :slight_smile:
    Though I am not sure about your rollback suggestion. Usually the update.rpf has to be rolled back as well.

    @FoxtrotDelta or any other moderator: I can't find a way to mark this thread as solved. So I guess only moderators and admins can do it?

  • @Cyron43 person who askes a question can mark it solved as well.

    Openiv works with laterst gunrunning update, i made a add on dlc for gunrunnig vehicles , only thing is we need scripthook update.

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