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A More Organized Mod List

  • Something like the vehicle mod, I think you guys should force every person who submits their mod have to tell the community what car it replaces because right now, I believe everyone has to waste their time downloading the file to find out what it replaces most of the time, and sometimes there's no obvious file names that indicates it. Also, can you make like a filter option for the vehicle mods (but this can be applied across the board) where we can find mods under that cars we want. List out all vehicles in GTA V and then have them link to another page where all mods for that specific vehicle gets listed rather than all this cluttered junk we're getting.

  • @gotrice541 You can decide what vehicle the vehicle mod replaces, just rename the .yft & .ytd files to match with the vehicle you want to replace.

  • While this would be cool addition to the site, I think it's a lot of work for something that doesn't matter in the end.

    Like @Carrythxd said, you yourself can decide what vehicle the mod replaces just by renaming the files.

  • @gotrice541 Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile: I honestly have a hard enough time getting mod authors to write credits or really anything at all in the description field, let alone all these details. It's something pretty tough to enforce, especially with many uploaders not speaking English as their first language. That aside, browsing for cars by what they replace doesn't make too much sense because, as others pointed out, you can usually replace any vehicle you want by renaming the files.

  • @Carrythxd no you cant, when you replace another vehicles, it can get a lot of bugs.

  • @Gta5KoRn I've replaced tens of cars and I've never had any issues

  • @TobsiCred I've never had those issues, and I haven't changed anything in the .meta's. But I guess I've just been lucky

  • @TobsiCred

    but not everybody can do this easily

    Then they can replace the car that the filename indicates.
    You don't have to cater to everyone.

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