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[RELEASED] [v3] Marvel QuinJet!!!!!

  • Think it's about time we see marvel's QuinJet in GTA.

    Work In Progress so please be patient - fairly new to the vehicle side, any help is of course welcome! :)
    alt textalt text

  • @JDHauser i'll tag him since he wanted to do it, since a long time


  • ya, I always had the Turbosquid model in sight though. But I'm eager to see how this turns out :D

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thanks!

    @SkylineGTRFreak I might need to pick your brains a bit haha, progress is coming along nicely!
    alt text
    alt text



    alt text

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Would you mind having a look at the file? If that's okay I can upload and send you link later, thank you.

    In-game, its a bit of a mess

    Also, few new shots.
    alt text
    alt text

  • Update:

    In game and flyable.
    Fixing a few errors my side and should be good to go.

    Contemplating redoing the cockpit view as i think i have found a better way.

  • @JDHauser hows the thor mod doing

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 Hey, we had to slow down on the progress recently but should be picking back up soon - we are aiming to have something out to the public mid - late july :)

    alt text


    @JDHauser Nice, thanks for the screenshot!

  • @DarthPungz Thanks! Should hopefully have a release later today!

    Will show updates in a bit!

  • With everything going to plan, I should be releasing tomorrow!

    Was hoping to finish today but a couple of things I want to fix first - added a couple of easter eggs which i hope you'll enjoy!

    I will upload some pictures and maybe a little video showcasing the release.

    Unfortunately the textures I have are low res, however the Quinjet still looks good in game - If anyone would like to make some HD textures get in touch and I'll send over what I have.

    She's almost ready ;)


    @JDHauser Real good job on this one :D mind me make a handling for this glorious jet ?

    @SkylineGTRFreak Now where's the BUS I asked like a year ago ? :angry:

    alt text

  • @Elope the copyright strike of the C-17 kinda... eh foiled some plans.


    @SkylineGTRFreak Oh....now I remembered :/ sheit
    But the bus is not a C-17 anymore XD let's try lol

  • @Elope nice shot elope. Plus that rescue ford escape is almost ready

  • @Elope Thanks man! Sure! See what I can do - I will send you a pm in a bit :)


    @FoxtrotDelta Yeah it's a nice shot.....from the Marvel's Agents of Shields TV Series XD
    Oh and glad to know the lifeguard Escape is almost done,I'll be on the plane back to china tommorow so I'll be able to do the screenshots XD

  • @Elope Are you any good with creating dlc.rpf? Having a bit of trouble making an independent addon xD


    @JDHauser sure,I can give you a hand

  • Update:
    Testing dlc.rpf made by @Elope - Thanks again!

    Adding a few more details which I hope you guys like!

    Thinking about trying to improve the textures, not sure weather to release before or after I give this a go... any suggestions regarding HD textures?

  • Update
    Fixed flying issues - finalizing model for beta release - WILL be releasing today xD

  • Edit - found a better quinjet model so applying this before release - I should really stop saying i'm releasing so soon.. i guess i just want this to be awesome for a first release.

  • Update:
    New model applied! Also bigger, more to scale so to speak.
    Making new weapon turrets which i will finish tomorrow

    ..I'm not going to say it.. but, tomorrow..


    @JDHauser said in [W.I.P] Marvel QuinJet!!!!!:

    Edit - found a better quinjet model so applying this before release - I should really stop saying i'm releasing so soon.. i guess i just want this to be awesome for a first release.

    Ahahaha, look for my F-5 WIP thread,,, then you will see how best plans and intentions seem to get delayed and delayed... Keep it fun and relaxing, release when you are satisfied with the end product. :)

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