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[RELEASED] [v3] Marvel QuinJet!!!!!

  • @DarthPungz Man.. Since I've started this project i've probably had about 24 hours sleep in total xD but in that time i've pretty much learned the basics of zmodeler so quite happy with that!

    Guess I need to slow down ;)

    Latest Update:

    alt text

  • TODAY!...


    Seriously though, everything is pretty much all set and good to go.

    I have just a couple of extras to add and some textures to fix and she'll be released.
    This shouldn't take me any time a tall, well compared to the time i've spent on this over the past week..!

    Sorry I haven't kept up with pictures updates but as I mentioned before - I have added a few easter eggs which adds a nice touch and didn't want to ruin the 'surprise'.

    All in all, I am hoping to release the QuinJet tomorrow evening/night UK time after work.

    Please be gentle ..this is my first ever, start from scratch, project and as I mentioned above, I have pretty much learned how to do this with this project xD - I have other mods lined up ..Not to mention the Thor Mod by myself, @stillhere and @Rarefacer upcoming hopefully in the next few weeks ;)

    Any how, please keep a look open for the QuinJet tomorrow (hopefully on the main page @Global-Moderators ;)) - would like to hear feed back and also please remember, this is BETA.. I have other ideas I wanted to implement but would of required me learning first ..and thought I've teased enough the last couple of days - not intentional! haha


  • is this quinjet coming out soon?

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 did you not read the whole big post right above the question you just asked??

  • @Willief23 as a matter of fact i have. I was just being sarcastic because i thought release would be today.

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 Finishing updates now, should be out in couple of hours :)

  • Uploading when I get home, hour, 2 max.

  • @JDHauser congrats.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Thanky!



    Woohoo! Thank you sir!!! Congratulations!

  • @DarthPungz Thanks man! xD

  • @JDHauser I'm late D: But still,congrats!

  • Anyone got the balls to bring this ingame?
    would be dope... @SkylineGTRFreak could use the Handling Meta of The avashut...




    Make your own request thread please.

  • @EasyMadness22 if you have enough balls to donate either of us can make it for you.

  • @Elope Thanks man! What did you think of the handling? - Have you had a chance to make your own? xD

  • @JDHauser will do :P wait for it~

  • Update:

    Working on v2,
    So far I have uv mapped Loki's scepter with proper texture but the model needs replacing which i will do shortly..

    I have found a way to spawn inside the cockpit when 'exiting' driver seat - the only way i can find this method to work is if i cut holes in the bodyshell but by doing this, it completely messes with everything when in game, as in exit function works great but cannot fly or operate the Quinjet, also get stuck and unable to move when inside the Quinjet from exiting (teleporting forward or what not doesn't work :( )

    I use layout_plane_jumbo as the layout - currently with v1 (released) the player will exit player on the roof.
    Cargoplane however, when you exit you will spawn just behind cockpit.

    Only thing that comes to mind, thanks to @stillhere, maybe there is a height limit? I did check but all properties had nothing set, i.e flags etc.

    Really confused on this..

    Also tweaked the handling.
    VTOL is same but more responsive, normal jet is faster mph/knots.

    Also: (Notice the size comparison to the tiny plane xD)

  • @JDHauser Uhhh Top Gun and SHIELD! That Helicarrier footage is awesome dude!:medal:

  • @EasyMadness22 Thanks dude!


    • Added new Loki scepter w/texture
    • Cleaned up cockpit
    • Added cockpit collisions
    • Tweaked handling some more..

    I am unsure if i am able to have an exit position inside of the quinjet.. im experimenting at the moment but not looking good - maybe something to add later down the road If i can't figure it out?


    Currently leaving pilot seat and still inside Quinjet!

  • v2 currently pending.


    @JDHauser Approved.

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