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[RELEASED] [v3] Marvel QuinJet!!!!!

  • @Unknown-Modder Thank you sir!!

  • Going to try to release the next update (v3) in the next few days ..once my patience has come back with Zmodeler.. I have always heard the hate.. now I understand it.

    This was hard to type with-out really expressing myself.

  • Guess who's making an appearance!
    alt text

  • @JDHauser Whohoo Baby Groot now its even better

  • v3 progress..

    So far:
    Corrected windscreen position
    Fix env reflections on models and bodyshell
    Added bench/seat for peds
    Added door feature to top windscreen
    Added baby Groot w/custom textures (not perfect i know)
    Added damage-able bodyshell/ wings - can now be reshaped how you would like.. of course, with a hammer.
    Corrected First Person camera height - now head is on your shoulders and not in your chest..
    Adjusted First Person camera view

    To do:
    Fix issues with peds not entering Quinjet

  • @JDHauser there is mini grut there insid as well!

  • @FoxtrotDelta It would be rude not to take baby Groot for the ride xD

  • can you mod the Milano ship in Guardian of the galaxy???

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