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Need help to improve a car's interior texture

  • So I'm a huge fan of the lamborghini murcielago and there is no full ''hd'' model for hit yet. I found one model tho that is really decent on the exterior but the interior textures are just garbage...and I would like to make it my new project to update it so that I can use it for myself while I wait for someone to make a really good overall murcielago. So I need to know how can I make my own hd textures and upgrade the ones that are in the ytd file atm? I have alot of experience with photoshop so I'm not worried about making the textures but I have 0 experience with zmodeler3 and from what I can tell the textures are really blured inside the car because the textures the guy made have way too much stuff inside them so for example the doors,the speedometer,floor,console(radio),pedals and a couple other things are all in the same image(texture) so its really blurry in game. I imagine that I would need to go in Zmodeler3 to separate each parts of the car that I want to make texture for and then go make my own in photoshop. If my guess is right, how would I go about it? is it even possible to do?.

  • @boboediting it's possible to do but the model would have to be unlocked for a start, which I don't think any of them are

  • it is unlocked in zmodeler3 but I noticed that nothing inside the car is 3d so I would need to model a 3d interior myself from scratch and I really dont know how to do that.

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