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[WIP] [MISC] The GTA V Furry Mod

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    Yes, yes, it's the Furry Mod. Inspired by sergiusz005's Zootopia Billboard Mod and the work of TsukasaHiiragi, I am furrifying as much as I can in Los Santos. So hide yo kids, hide yo dogs, cuz they yiffin errybody up in here!

    What there is now:

    • Texture swaps in South Central and the Vanilla Unicorn.

    What I am working towards:

    • Spreading the furry to the rest of Los Santos, and eventually all of San Andreas

    • Replacing hooman peds with anthros

    • Creating new clothing to fit the new models

    • Eventual radio mod

    • Loading Screen mod

    Known Issues:

    • Right now, for some reason it insists on loading the original textures on several billboards (and likely other smaller textures, but the signs are the most noticable) first before loading the new textures. I've edited the lod files as well, but so far no dice.

    • The geometry on the Vegan Market, The Silpheed Billboard and the Vanilla Unicorn signs clash with the new textures. I'm trying to mod it, but GIMS Evo is being uncooperative.

    I do have a working build right now, but I don't feel it's complete enough to upload to the main site, unless people say otherwise.

    Here's a link if you're interested: https://mega.nz/#!AXIARTrY!IntVi6fHn1uc2v7XqVVrLDvP7i5bA9ACbNWrKmb9HLY

    Be sure to backup x64h.rpf and x64k.rpf before trying it out!

    Feedback, ideas and salt welcome!


    @JDOD420 said in [WIP] [MISC] The GTA V Furry Mod:

    alt text

    That graffiti art work is very cool~

  • It's edited album art, actually. Sadly, I am not very good myself at art, but hey, credit to all the amazing artists whose art I'm showcasing.
    alt text

  • One thing that would be totally radical if, not only do the anthro models have custom clothing, but also custom hair, fur colors and maybe even expressions, sorta like you'd pick your base species and edit the rest via Maynoo's mod or with a custom menu, if that is possible. but tbh we all wanna see Furry Knight Rider be a thing, amirite?

  • @1980sHusko I definitely hope to be able to do all of that!

  • @JDOD420 I have a handful of models from Overgrowth that would go with this. Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Wolves just gotta figure how to convert and rig them

  • @westcoastsosa Those would work great as placeholders, but I don't want the Overgrowth dev to give me a C&D, so I'll definitely have to create my own models as this mod continues! :fox:

  • downloaded it :v:

  • hope this stays alive! wanted to say that, as for the anthro models and their clothes, ((hear me out on this, the textures and models on the platform im talking about got way better not so long ago even they were infamous for being kinda bad before)) there are many people on a platform called "second life" who have made good quality original models and textures (lots and lots who have made original textures) of anthropomorphic animal characters and clothes to fit them. I think if you contacted them then they might support this mod and give you their models and textures to use. if you want to know some people in specific then let me know. you have to kinda know where to/how to look for the good stuff.(there is still bad stuff)

  • Damn didn't even know this was a thing, it's pretty good!

  • what the fuck has this world come to smh

  • Banned


    now do ped mode....


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