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Oh my God. I can not play the game mods anymore.

  • Script Hook V has not been updated. I can not get into the game. I replaced the 'update.rpf' + 'GTA5.exe' + 'GTA5Launcher.exe' But it's fking no use. Game Crash!!!
    Do i have to download a pirate to play the game mods?
    Maybe the Script Hook V R.I.P ?

    Message from Moderator: fake picture removed by moderator 你在干什么?

    This is your first and last warning if we observe such fake topics and threads from you, you will get a ban from this community , no matter if you are a mod developer or not.这是最后一边啊!

  • @CNM Is this a bad joke? April 1st is long gone. I've just been to the site, I refreshed it but there is no such message!
    Also the description is suspicious. ScripthookV is no "cheat menu services".

  • This just screams fake. Look at the difference in the fonts in the text. Nice try but try harder next time.

  • @CNM hold your horses sir! Even if scripthook doesnt update we have a backup plan. You just need to be patient, because i pretty sure Alexander will release scripthook just as always . please dont panic and create such topics which bring nothing but confusion.

    That above method works i made a backup and am using that backup everyday. I play on steam downgraded game doesnt even ask me to update.

    I shall be locking this topic . cuz its utter non sense , we cant host unmodified gta 5 files here .

    Its always your personal responsibility to keep a. Backup before an update.

    Please dont paste links or topics here which cause confusion

    Everything works perfect if you have a backup of gta5.exe. Gtavlauncher and updare.rpf in mods folder from previous update. Use that, dont trust stupid shady links on youtube or rouge websites. Thank you

    His page is still the same

    alt text

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