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Is it safe to use OpenIV to keep installing mods if I'm using 1.39?

  • Hey guys, noob to GTA5 modding with a few questions.

    I just wanted to know if its safe to keep using OpenIV to install mods (not legally but as in, it wont crash my game). Steam updated my game, but luckily I have a 1.39 version of GTA5.exe and have just copied that across and the game works fine with the mods I've already had.

    But now when I go to install a mod with OpenIV (updated version) it comes up with a message along the lines of "update.rpf and update.rpf in mods folder does not match." So being new, I panicked and closed everything without installing anything.

    Also, once the new scripthookv version comes out, for me to play on v1.40, do I just need to replace the scripthookv files with the new ones and replace back the 1.40 GTA5.exe? Is it really that simple? haha


  • @lemonbrahz Ugh that's a bunch of things here. So

    1. In order to downgrade your game you also need the previous update.rpf. I am going to PM you about that.
    2. Yes it's that easy. Once shv is released, update the game and just overwrite scripthookv.dll and dinput8.dll with the new versions.

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