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[SCRIPT] Functional Phone Feed

  • Know Eddlm's weather forecast notification script?
    It shows you a nice little notification above the radar similar to those SMS/Mail previews whenever the weather is about to change.

    Well, the other day when a forecast notification popped up at the bottom left corner of my screen, my Google Feed just told me about traffic density in my area, I came up with a - probably completely stupid - idea:

    A functioning feed similar to Google Now in V featuring little notifications in the style of those SMS/Mail previews.

    A short list of ideas:

    • information about upcoming traffic in your area; could be possibly done by scanning the corresponding entries in popcycle.dat?

    • information about attractions/points of interests nearby; ability to place a way point via one-click if interested

    • warning about possible animal attacks/deer crossing nearby

    • warnings about restricted areas/no fly zones if approaching them

    • notification about 24/7, LSC, Ammu Nation shops, police stations, hospitals, gas stations etc neaby; again ability to place a way point via one-click

    • weather forecast, of course

    • maybe a warning about high incidence of crime when entering gang areas or warnings of higher accident risk at specific locations

    • ...

    Sounds stupid? Well, I'd love to see that happen :P

  • @prince_linus dont say its stupid that actually would be cool especially for immersion in case you really need to forget its just a game lol. It might be completely impossible who knows but i wouldnt even say its a little stupid

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