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maintaining 2 versions of GTA V

  • @meimeiriver I have done that. Closed out Steam, checked all running processes to make sure nothing is still running in the background; I even tried uninstalling the new download. When I did uninstall it, there were 4 folders still in the Grand Theft Auto V folder, that for some reason, I could not access, nor delete: X64, Installers, Update, and _CommonRedist. Now I gotta figure out how to gain access to delete these.

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    @GeorgeTKE said in maintaining 2 versions of GTA V:

    I'm sorry, this might be a stupid question, is there a tutorial or step guide on how to do what was suggested above? I recognize the pathways, but creating two batch files and switch, I am really confused. Again, I am sorry if this is a stupid question of it this information is posted somewhere else.

    It's really rather simple. :) Both batch files start by deleting the junction to the default GTA folder. Then, the one you called, say, modded.cmd, will set 'steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V' to the modded location of your game, and, say, vanilla.cmd will set it to 'steamapps\common\GTA V Vanilla'. That way, whichever game variant you want to play, you either click on the modded.cmd or the vanilla.cmd batch file.

    You can start by renaming your (modded) 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder to 'GTA V Modded'. That will leave you with no valid 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder. That's a good thing. :) Leave it like that, for now. Then you will simply redownload the game. STEAM will do so, and you'll have a new, pristine ''Grand Theft Auto V' folder' again. After redownload is completed, rename that folder to 'GTA V Vanilla'.

    Now you have 2 folders,

    steamapps\common\GTA V Modded
    steamapps\common\GTA V Vanilla

    Now, AND ONLY NOW, can you start using the above batch files (otherwise it would just delete your current, non-junction 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder).

    i tried this one and now i have 2 files the modded one (first one 1 downloaded) and the vannila one (the one i just downloaded) when i launch the vannila one it works but when i launched the modded one theres an error message and i clicked retry or safe mode it wont work

    can anybody help me pls?![alt text](0_1559212031943_Screenshot (5).png image url)

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