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[help] how to make bodyguards

  • what is the best way to spawn peds as a bodyguard?
    I assumed there would be something simple like

    ..i couldnt find anything like that so i instead just made my spawned ped relationships to dislike everyone except me, that sorta worked but now i need them to actually follow me around.. I was gonna try something like
    (if distance between player/ped > 50(whatever) ped runs to player)
    but i cant figure out how to get the peds location

    am I on the right track or completely off? lol
    also, how did you guys learn how to make all those awesome mods. just experimenting or is there some hidden resource(website?) that im unaware of... any help is always appreiciated :) Thanks

    one more thing, how can i make my script use an ini config file

  • I like TrainerV's Bodyguard feature. It allows you to recruit near-by peds as bodyguards.
    What I usually do is use Spooner Mode in Menyoo, spawn a random ped and then in the Data Base - I highlight and become that pedestrian. Using Skin Control I load my custom characters and then switch back to the character I want to play as and recruit my near-by custom character.
    Can't change their follow distance which kind of sucks because they follow a bit too far behind but it works nonetheless.

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