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A Mod Menu just like Menyoo?

  • I've been using Menyoo for a while now, but it annoyingly got deleted by MAFINS' request. Does anyone know of a **good mod menu **(possibly one like menyoo?) that is up to date for gunrunning, it can spawn all cars, (in a list and search, as I have the GTA IVPACK and there are two things named futo, emperor etc. Without a full list I can't spawn the ones named the same) it can change weather and time of day, and teleportation. It also needs to have vehicle favouriting for quick spawning cars, and the ability to save cars with customization etc. These are the things I really care about. Basicallly most of the stuff from menyoo :(
    That would be great thanks, Leave suggestions below :)

  • @ethannn_ that's a temp take down as i undertand. it will be back once things are back to normal

  • @FoxtrotDelta Oh good


    @ethannn_ @FoxtrotDelta

    Menyoo is back online since 2-3 hours ago. I had to approve it again by MAFINS petition, and also was updated at the same time.

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