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Help Me Pleas

  • I'm looking for help I'm a bit new to modding but catch on quick. Sense the new update I cant get scripthooks to work at all and the other files I have cause GTA to crash. Dose any one have a answer to this problem. Any information is welcome Pleas Help Me. wowimjohnjohnh@gmail.com

  • You may want to check out the news and everything that is going on with GTA V and mods thanks to Take 2 being money grubbing clowns.

    At this point no one is really sure what is going on or will happen with a lot of stuff.

    As for script hook, we just have to wait and see, no one is 100% sure. Blade doesn't do much on social media to keep people informed, so the waiting game it is.

  • Okay thanks for the heads up. Waiting for exploit Updates seems to be the story of my life lately. I've been checking daily for a script hook update and hope one comes out I just wasn't sure if there was other options out there. Sense the GTA V Update I have seen people using Trainers online so that kind of keeps my hopes up.

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