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Changes/The Look (of) (to) GTA5 Mods

  • I'm not sure who did the changes (maybe @administrators ) but nice changes btw I like the whole "Versions" thing and stuff like the download and virus notice. Looks really clean. Just wanted to credit your work, as I know there have been some changes around from the Maintainance Notice. Great work. I also just wanna say thanks for GTA5 Mods, to @rappo and any others who helped, it's an amazing website and i'm glad it was made - I personally thinks it's the best & cleanest mod website! I don't think this requires a forum post lol, but whatever.


    Thank you Ethannn, I appreciate your positive comments.

    I made a post about it in the announcement forum here: https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/12165/virustotal-implementation-and-multiple-file-upload-functionality

    In the interest of keeping things clean and in one place, I'll leave your post here but will lock the thread so we can keep any feedback to the announcement thread, in one place.

    Thanks again!

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