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New site design :(

  • im not happy with the new design tbh, especially that the mod description was moved to another place...
    alt text
    now we have to scroll forever to the comment section when the mod description is expanded and the left side is unnecessary empty.. That was not a good idea.
    Just move the description back to the left side back..

  • Yes but i really appericate the new versions list we can do, so many type of file versions to downgrade and please do this then instead

  • @Gta5KoRn i agree with korn the old way was better. Maybe just put the different versions available for download right under the description in a pull down box style like MrGTA linked to.


  • There's just too much blank space on the left hand side IMO.

    They should put the description underneath the download link.




    I concur

  • @Gta5KoRn yeah, the scrolling makes a pain to go into scripting/misc category since both usually have the longest ones

  • Yup I agree. I really dislike how the description is in the middle now, making it look like it's part of the comments section. I also cannot read the pinned comment and description at the same time now. Left side has a bunch of white space that feels empty. Please revert this change @Dark0ne and put the description somewhere back on the left side.

  • I wasn't going to post on here again but things are changing that adversely affect how things I create and upload, are being presented to the users. As per usual, this is a long read... sorry but I feel this is important enough to warrant lengthy discussion.

    All the changes I see happening on the main site, are now making me look for an alternative place to host my mods. From a modder's perspective, they are negatively affecting how users can obtain information about what is important. And from the user's perspective, they are taking away, or making it difficult to find important information.

    Mod Description Page
    Like an application UI, the most critical part of a design is how it conveys information and how it allows users to interact with that information. On the mod description page there are two equally important sections, the mod description for the users and the comments for both users and mod author. As such, neither should compromise the other but with the latest change, that is what is happening.

    If you want quick access to the comments, you have to compromise the description. If you want the description, then you have to compromise access to the comments. Given that the pinned comment could be referencing an important aspect of the description, compromise of any kind, is bad.

    Like when you are writing a thesis or essay, the reference work is as important as what you are writing, which is why library tables are big enough to handle them both at the same time. What this page change does, is say "You can only have either the reference material, or the created material on the table at any one time". Vertically aligned data doesn't fit well on horizontally aligned screens, use available width whenever possible.

    Mod Section Pages - Version Numbers

    NOTE: This section no longer applies as the version numbers are back in place
    This was something I noticed last night and is probably the most negative change I saw, if you understand the importance of what has changed.

    Previously, you could go to any page of mods and instantly see what version those mods were on. If you filtered by "Latest Version", then you could truly see if what was on that page really was a new version, or just the old version lingering due to lack of activity in that section.

    Now, go to any mod section and view the page. You have no idea what's new. You have no idea whether the mod you are using, that might have a bug, has been updated. The only way you can find this out, is by clicking into every single mod you see, just to find the information that was previously there on the page. This is like changing a notification from saying "The app you are using has been updated to version x.xxx.xx" to "The app you are using, may or may not be different to the version that is available.". That's a key change that goes from precise to ambiguous. Version numbers are not ambiguous information.

    Here's an example image... what version are any of these mods on? You don't know.

    alt text

    On any system where software/mods/applications are updated, version numbers are critical. We don't just add them for our benefit, they are essential reference information for users. What this means now, is that we have to start writing the version numbers into the mod title and that's just duplicating information that is already on the system and for what reason?

    It seems that if I go into my Uploads page, all the version numbers are displayed on the icons as they used to be on the main site for everyone. I know what my version numbers are, it's the users that need to know that information at a glance.

    File Upload page
    You could argue that this image looks fine.

    alt text

    But there is an old design guidance statement that says "Don't introduce chaos, where there should be order".

    The Version info is under the existing filenames in File Versions. If you choose to upload a new file, the new file name is aligned vertically with the existing filenames (beside the Browse..." button, so put the Version input box under the new filename as well. I don't know what the Approval Status combo-box and Already set as primary file are supposed to be aligned to.

    Create consistency and organised structure for the data that is there. Chaotic data creates confusion and encourages mistakes and there is no reason to ever encourage mistakes.

    Control your data, prioritise your display of that data (without compromise) and always create the easiest levels of access to that data. Those are fundamental design philosophies. If your app/site fails at those, then you are failing the users and those people using your platform to provide things for the users to have access to... in this case, the mod authors.

    If you don't understand the importance of something, don't just remove it... ask the people who know "How important is this information?". There are people with a plethora of knowledge and experience on this site... ask questions and you will find those people will be more than happy to offer up answers. We have no bias to ourselves, we have the experience to know who or what are important factors about this kind of site. Some of us have spent the vast majority of our lives creating for the users and they are the only reason we continue to create. But if barriers start to form between us and the users, then it is our responsibility to find somewhere without those barriers.

    And again, sorry for the long read. :(


    I'm not sure why the version number was removed from the mod title on the search/category browsing results. Likely a side effect of having multiple file uploads. That'll get added back in soon.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @LeeC2202 Someone finally said it. Applauds to you, great sir!

  • @AHK1221 I probably should have taken a less... assertive tone but you know me. The interaction between mod author and user is a critical thing for me and I get a bit caught-up in the moment. :( I need to install a limiter mod to keep myself under control. :blush:

  • @LeeC2202 lol, but it was required. It needed to be said, and you stepped up and said it. That's a win in my book :)

  • @LeeC2202 This whole site is bugged and ruined now.

    I miss April 2017 already...

  • @LeeC2202 i agree 100% with mods discription . that is the most important part of all. and i loved it before and i stayed on this website and picked this website as my base of operation just because of that layout by Rappo.

    i miss it to my core!!!!!

    not sure about versions thing. seems too much complicated for me. i like things simple and easy.

    kudos for saying it. iv been saying it past 1 day :P

  • Jokes, to lighten days on dark days.

    Rick: Morty, ye-you-(nearly pukes) gotta get the fuck up. The GTA5mods dimension got fucked hard, we gotta go-EEEEE-save the poor-(burp language) MutherFUUUCkers.

    Morty: Oh shit, here we go again. (~CJ says that in the start of GTA SA.)

    cue San Andreas theme but with Rick And Morty theme instruments


    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for your input so far - I'd just like to say that some of the new features aren't looking as good as they could, and should just yet - we've gone for functionality first, and we'll sort the layout very soon.

    The idea is of course to make things better, and add functionality - not make them worse and remove functionality. As far as I'm aware we haven't purposefully removed anything, so anything missing ( like the versions showing on the listings ) is a bug. If you spot anything missing like this, please assume it's a bug and report it.

    Feel free to mock up the layouts of a mod/download page and show them to us if you have big opinions on how they should look, and we will try to take the ideas on board :)

  • @MrMason Like @TobsiCred said, there was no need for these horrible changes. I really hate that the description was moved, it was fine as-is. Now you have to scroll forever to get to the comments. Not only that, but the ads.... why were the ads moved. In rappo's time, the ads were in the right place; not too intrusive for the reader. I didn't want to use adblock then. Now, the ads are below the download button, seperating the version control from the download button completely. Not to mention the upload/edit file page.... its a horrible mess, is what it is. Sure, you could say its functional. But is it practical? 100% no.

    I really hope that these issues are fixed sometime in the future, as this site is very dear to my heart.

  • @Psycatron Please do not hijack threads. Next time use the private messaging system.

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