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[Information/Discussion] ScriptHookV & OpenIV Updates

  • @MrEj07 Please calm down before you face a ban

  • The mods on here look awesome, can't wait to use them when script hook V Updates, on another note does anyone know how to successfully stop the game from updating? i have a steam version recently purchased and no updates so far.

  • Ban me for what i haven't done anything to get banned for so what do you mean so people can say what they want to me and if i speak up then i risk getting ban well if that what you feel the need to do then be my guest i couldn't stop it even if i wanted to so your threat is empty and swallow and really just sad that your talking about banning me for speaking my mind so like i said do what you have to do sir have a nice day.


    ^ @MrEj07
    back on topic or at least another subject from this point on

  • SHV has now been updated.

    Merry Christmas!

  • How do I keep the newer dlc cars from despawning again?


    @Chris-W. said in [Information/Discussion] ScriptHookV & OpenIV Updates:

    How do I keep the newer dlc cars from despawning again?

    this trainer contains the secret within

  • addonspawner is not working for any of you?

  • @neoshoja for me, after update scripthook, the game crash in story mode....

  • I'm crashing when trying to load story mode as well. Always happens when the loading gets to the 'Bleeding Edge Tech' screen.


    18 Dec 2018

    ScriptHookV updated to 1.0.1604.0 game version.

  • @Reyser said in [Information/Discussion] ScriptHookV & OpenIV Updates:

    18 Dec 2018

    ScriptHookV updated to 1.0.1604.0 game version.

    Sorry, should have mentioned I'm using the newest script hook. Grabbed it this morning from Blade's site. Nothing else has changed mod wise.

  • Yeah, i too had problem with story mode, but i remove all mods and works. Or it has some mod giving conflict, or it is not possible to start a new story mode with mods.

    Edit: Well, the problem is EnableMPCars. So remove it and all mods that needs him.
    I see in Spawn MP Vehicle in SP page that people already know. But I would like to leave it in writing here, in case someone has not seen it, and is looking here first.

  • Has anyone else noticed that x64 in the update folder has be relocated? Meaning, the path for ALL DLC mods & replacements has changed. Meaning, none of them work now. WHAT DO WE DO!!!????

  • @CadillacJack I think its just, you mine is fine

  • Hey Everyone,

    The new update is working fine!
    When I first installed the updated ScripthookV Version 1.0.1604.0, the game was crashing for me when the loading screens were done. Just like some of you are mentioning. I noticed in my mods folder it only went to patchday 19ng. There is now a patchday 20ng. The problem is most likely your copied update folder located in the mods folder.

    I deleted the mods folder and started over in OpenIV. The game loads and plays now. I know this may be a pain for some of you cause of all the mods you've entered, but you might have to do the same thing. Hope this helps a few people cause it was bugging the crap outa me. Of course I blamed the updated patch first. 99% of computer error is human error.

  • I am surprised to see that Alexander Blade doesn't have ads in his blog. I am sure every new version of Scripthook at least gets a 1 million download, he could easily get his effort's worth by adding ads to his blog.

    Is he using another method to earn money from scripthookv (like accepting donation) or is he just doing it for hobby? (not caring about money)

  • My open iv just updated n now my scripts gets a error when I launch game:( do I need to wait 4 another scripts update now again? Thanks

  • @Mrjokerrobin - My Open IV updated as well, but I get no errors. Having said that, I believe your problem lies elsewhere.

    @tcarter21 - Mods will not work with the new game .exe that's for sure. :smiley: They need an update as well. Not all of them though. For example, I don't think cars have to be updated and reinstalled.

  • @Mrjokerrobin openiv doesn't impact scripts. openiv only allows for editing of files and being able to use a mods folder

  • I just started my GTA V today only had it on PC for a month and I have the latest version of scripthook which is 1.0.1 1604.0 and it's now coming up with fatal error unknown game version is there going to be another update is something.


    correct the game was updated Feb 5th to v1.0.1 1604.1
    so use your backup files to continue playing while ScripthookV is being updated

  • @ReNNie said in [Information/Discussion] ScriptHookV & OpenIV Updates:

    correct the game was updated Feb 5th to v1.0.1 1604.1

    Because, we just have to get another blood-spilling, explosion-causing mini game... on Valentine's Day... :smirk:

    Said no one ever...

  • @ReNNie Which Files do i need to backup in order to keep playing and also does this mean i cant use mods at the moment

  • That its why oyu need to have 2 GTA version on you computer :)

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