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[Information/Discussion] ScriptHookV & OpenIV Updates


    ### Update ###
    27 July 2022 ScriptHookV 1.0.2699.0 Game version compatibility update.

  • @Reyser no worky worky.

  • @Starland it worky worky fine. The author is Alexander Blade, contact him and he will personally fix it for you.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    really, all the people figured it out? i didnt see anyone post it. all i know is the broke it yet again.

  • @Starland The 10,000,000 who don't have problems, who are playing GTAO right now, are not going to post their games are working.

  • Is it still possible to mod in Gta5 and if, could someone PLEASE explain to me, how you have done it, so that it works again?! I would be really thankful, if someone could help me! Thanks in advance!

  • @Cracko you're definitely in the wrong thread and the quick answer is everyone is playing GTA5 modded here, so yes GTA5 can be played modded in August 2022.

  • @Cracko im on PC version, i had to reinstall fresh, then start installing the mods fresh as well, some things i could drop in from older installs, but its up and running again.

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