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[Information/Discussion] ScriptHookV & OpenIV Updates

  • @BangBang95 What do you mean 2 versions of the game i only have the social club version not steam

  • @BangBang95 - You will still be forced to update both, though. ;) Unless you run one through Bypass only. I can and cannot at the same time as I play LSPD:FR too and there is no launcher Bypass for RPH that I know of.

  • I know its bad but i have two version of GTA , one original for play and one copy without social clubs for try my mods that all

  • @BangBang95 i will just wait until scripthook gets updated i dont when that will be though just have to wait


  • Next time an update comes, do the following:

    1. Launch the game through Social Club Launcher (SCL). Internet on.
    2. As soon as the download progression bar appears, hit CANCEL.
    3. Turn your Internet connection off.
    4. Launch the game through SCL again. Choose PLAY OFFLINE.

    That's all. No Launcher Bypass necessary!

    I have tried it four times so far and can still play normally. :slight_smile: Still using version 1.0.1604! :)

  • @TheMurderousCricket
    That would be for the RGSC version only though, not Steam.

    On Steam there are three ways I know of:

    1. Disable automatic updates (set to "only update when launched"), and when GTA V is updated change GTA V's appmanifest file so "StateFlags" is set to "4". You may have to also set "BytesToDownload" to "0" and "BytesDownloaded" to whatever the size of GTA V is. Then just restart Steam.
    2. Disable automatic updates and use Launcher Bypass, then only play the game by running GTA5.exe directly. Then you never have to update appmanifest or anything.
    3. Back up the game, let the game update, reinstall your backup.

    I think #2 is the easiest and least worrisome approach, and am currently using it (I'm still on version 1.0.1290 if I remember correctly).

  • Okay guys, so I need to ask you something. I'm not quite sure of what I should think about all this...

    When I launched the game yesterday a "GTA patch" or something like that asked for permission to run. Had no other choice but accept it...

    Now: I managed to avoid the new update with a method listed two posts above. :arrow_up: The gtav.exe did not update to a new version. However, the Launcher did...

    Right after that, I couldn't run the game either the normal way, nor through the RPH...

    Luckily, after restarting the system, I've been able to launch the game successfully both ways (with just one, minor problem along the way). Rebooting apparently made things "pop into place".

    My question then is - is it safe to run the game with the 1.0.1734.0 Launcher but the 1.0.1604 .exe? Or am I going to run into problems/errors the more I use this combination? :confused:

  • Question, I've seen videos of the next vehicles, I'd love to test them, but impossible to have a single mod without the update of Script Hook V, how to do? Is that the Bypass?

  • I am very much looking forward to the update of ScriptHookV. Without her, I can't play the favorite mod at all. The story mode is always scary, afraid that the police will kill me or the gang members will kill me.lol..

  • Due to the new update i can't play gtav is there a way to play it with out an update or should i just wait for scripthookv to update

  • @nebur78045 Wait like everyone else

  • that is what exatcly what iam saying just wait



    27 July 2019 -> ScriptHookV updated to v1.0.1737.0 game version.

  • @Reyser damn got 17 notifications with update lmao :D

  • my mods still not working on gta 5 bc of scripthookv

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Looks like new patch broke scripthook . Crash on loading .


    ScriptHookV updated to 1.0.1737.6 game version.

  • So today 12 December 2019 we have new updates. I just wait for the new updates on scripthook without the mod I won't play the game !

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