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[Information/Discussion] ScriptHookV & OpenIV Updates

  • @eleventwentytooo said in [Information/Discussion] ScriptHookV & OpenIV Updates:

    @Fabito48hd Ah thanks man nice there's a bug with LSPDFR at the minute if that makes a difference to you

    I can relate. I had LSPDFR running smoothly on my 1604 version. Out of nowhere I get RPH crashes or if not - some ridiculous glitches. Like police cars upside-down in random locations, or a pile of ID cards showering down from my character when stopping peds.

    Seems like something of R* shit got through, or it is a problem with .NET or something.

  • @TheMurderousCricket

    I've been months and months with an error that police cars don't move if I force with Menyoo to perform a chase. I have no other trainers, I have disabled being invisible, immortal, that the police don't look for me ... that's not the cause, but I learned to live with it and I ignore it. xDD

  • @eleventwentytooo thank you friend! I appreciate it a lot

  • Banned

    @Fabito48hd any other mods aside from Menyoo? I installed a mod that was supposed to overhaul ped melee combat but all it did was affect the hit detection of the player character. I couldn't punch or kick any peds while they were free to beat on the pc all they wanted.

  • @QBit07 Yes, that happens to me, if I own or use a character or citizen, I can't hit him strangely. I don't give it much importance. ¿Mods? A few but especially once they install something for melee fights last longer. I do not know, I use the game to drive, I do not have great mods, I want to install the game clean again but I have been playing with my mods so much, it makes me sad.

    I no longer remember what each one does, but above all I have many textures changed in / mods :(

    Sorry for my english, im a spanish guy :)

  • guys please someone drop me the asi loader here..

  • Banned

    @ramo99 why? the bug has been fixed. just update your openiv and use that to install

  • So I've been out of town for a week, while i was gone it looks like ScriptHookV got an update, it informed me right when I booted up my computer and asked if I want to install. I said yes. So a couple hours later I go to play GTAV Single Player and I get a error: Fatal Unknown Game Version, check dev c for updates and a website to go to. So I went and downloaded the latest version of scripthookv, extracted it, replaced my old ScripHookV.dll file and dinput8.dll file then went to play the game and it crashes everytime I try to play it, it will just be getting into the game and then will crash. Also my OpenIV disappeared after I got that first error message. Can someone help me. I really hope I don't have to reinstall everything and lose all my mods and stuff.

  • @shoegod4935 openiv unistall open .asi and open camera ..scripts is work mods no...
    friend I have the same problem or the game was updated when I open it with mods it closes and with scripts so activated does not close the normal game

  • Ok, so I have been messing around trying to solve this. With no add ons loaded, most of my scripts work, although not spg or bennys, but thats minor. However as soon as I add any add on cars to my dlclist, game crashes loading in story mode. I have gone tediously through my list, removing 1 by 1 to no avail to make sure there are no conflicts. It doesnt matter, any add on to the list, boom crash. It was all working fine initially until openiv updated. Anyone else? Any suggestions?


    04 April 2020

    ScriptHookV updated to 1.0.1868.1 game version.

  • @Reyser my rockstar launcher still not updating

  • @conjames23 working now

  • @Reyser no updated... version still v1.0.1868.0 http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/


    @vardaum Dude, clear your browser cache or try with a different browser. It was updated almost a day ago and it's still there.


    25 May 2020

    ScriptHookV updated to 1.0.1868.4 game version. Added support for Epic Games Launcher game version.

  • ScriptHookV is no longer working after new GTA V update. We need a new update for ScriptHookV

  • @Rebellion9998 Yes we are aware of that.

  • Do you have a date when the update will be released. My laucher does not enter the game if he is offline and online he asked to update. Does anyone know why?

  • My game has recently been updated that has now made the scripthook obsolete. It shouldn't be too long before an update is made so its best to be patient.

  • But does anyone know why the Rockstar laucher does not let him play offline and keeps asking to update?

  • @FelipeBravo There used to be a launcher bypass somewhere in youtube along with the 1861 downgrade files. I once had that problem and used it but then turned off the asi loader and launched the game with online steam, after i made the login in Rockstar launcher i never had that launcher issue no more and i deleted the launcher file. I don't remember the name, but i'm sure if you look here in gta5mods for downgrade 1861 or launcher bypass, you will find it! Saudações! (of course to play with a downgraded version you have to set steam to go offline again)


    ScriptHookV has been updated for the latest GTA V version http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/


    12 Sept 2020 -> ScriptHookV updated to 1.0.2060.1 game version.


    18 Dec 2020 -> ScriptHookV updated to 1.0.2189.0 game version.

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