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[Information/Discussion] ScriptHookV & OpenIV Updates


    @Willief23 said in [Information/Discussion] ScriptHookV & OpenIV Updates:

    @meimeiriver i have part of it up already but the rest of the folders plus some more new ones will be uploaded when i get off work. So around 4.5-5 hours from now.

    Thank you! Your gameconfig, so far, has really been the most stable for me.

  • @Reyser I already noticed pre-patch that I can only have a select number of vehicles with custom weapons dedrike whgame crashes. Gunrunning added like what? 7 or 8 new weapon files? idk, but it seems like it really stretches the limit, so than using dmuch that can be done about it other than editing default weapon files.

    New update also "broke" vehicles with turrets containing more than one weapon (eg: cannon and coaxial MG on tanks). The turret only moves together with one of those weapons and will return to default position when using the other... @FoxtrotDelta


    @SkylineGTRFreak So we're a bit f***ed I guess... :/

  • @SkylineGTRFreak weapon files have to be edited accordingly and then they work. I tested it on my tank and 4 weapons were working .

    I will check again the issues u report.

  • @FoxtrotDelta well, my custom HIMARS weapon also work on newest patch, but I have seen quite a few people reporting mods with custom weapons to crash the game.

    And I have following issue:

    If I have a mod with:


    the turret only spins when having weapon_1 selected, not with the rest. Worked fine on previous patches, now not anymore.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak i'll Check again, if thats true , we might have to dig a little deeper into changes made. I hope its not exe lomitation

  • So are there still any modding tools that you can use to mod solo and how

  • i have installed the latest openiv update and now i am installing naturalvision graphics with my 50+ addon cars the game gives me an error "corrupt game data. Please reboot and verify the game data. or reinstall the game." please tell me how can i resolve it.

  • @Hellraiser4u That is a bad model's internal hierarchy issue, can be a ped, a vehicle or a prop. Check every model added or just leave those of absolute confidence.

  • @Rarefacer You were right. just removed a newly added addon car and game works like a charm. thanks buddy.

  • now having one more issue. while spawning add-on bikes which were fine earlier games gives a memory error.


    @Hellraiser4u Some Add-On bikes (most of them) gives memory errors, we don't know why. I just can tell you to just install the Gosuke ones, they're really good looking and very stable. I've never had any crash when using them.

  • @Reyser I only recently discovered Gosuke's bike mods, and they look amazing. Good to know they are stable in game too :)

  • 0_1498643496547_chrome_2017-06-28_11-50-01.png

    The download button is back whoop whoop

  • @xInno3Dx Thanks for letting us know. this is exciting.



    • 04 July 2017 -> OpenIV Team made an statement.


    Can we unpin the dozen of pinned OpenIV related threads now?

  • @ikt Done.



  • @Reyser Sorry.

  • yea this one can be done in the following weeks. Im gald openiv gave a statment .

  • And with a click of the mouse, i have turned my review for GTAV to positive on Steam. The return of OpenIV and with their statement now released i can happily go on to game for years to come in the playground that is GTAV (Singleplayer mode, cause online sucks).

    So they lost Liberty City, though i saw problems with that idea from when i first heard about it, as the people/groups that funded that project were in some cases different to those that funded GTAV, and hence that could cause some interesting problems. But with a win always comes a sacrifice, Liberty City was that sacrifice, the win was having OpenIV back.

    Let singleplayer modding go on unhindered for the rest of time :D

  • i haven't been able to get my scripthook to work since last update dispite repeated attemps at re downloading can anyone help??????

  • hi everybody, can you please give me a link inorder to learn more about mods and modding. Is their any informations about generating a map while driving using an Ultraschallsensor or a Laser scanner? Thanks a lot

  • @husseinh you should make a topic of your own. create a topic in request section or this modding section is also good but you need your own topic don't post in other people's topic it detracks the discussion.

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