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[SCRIPT] [WIP] Vehicle Gadgets+

  • This is a new plugin I'm working on. It aims to expand the functionality of new vehicles, in a centralized manner, so, hopefully, you won't end up needing a different plugin/script for each function vehicle models authors want to implement in their models.
    Currently, the vehicles are configured via XML files, alongside the changes needed in the model itself. So, no, it doesn't support already released models.

    Current Gadgets

    • Ladder

      This gadget will allow you to add a working ladder to your model, which can be controlled via the NumPad.

      XML Entry Example

    • Outrrigers

      This one, adds animated outrrigers that can extend and retract by pressing a key.

      XML Entry Example

    • Radar

      This one is similar to the already existing VEHICLE_WEAPON_RADAR from the vanilla game, except it doesn't take a
      vehicle weapon slot and you can modify the rotation speed.
      XML Entry Example


    • Implement collisions, so, for example, you can climb up the ladder.
    • Add more gadgets.

    Firetruck shown in the videos: MTL Botlle Nose Ladder 15EX Truck by GlitchGamer

    Any vehicle developer interested on implementing this plugin, with the current gadgets or with an idea for a new gadget, can contact me to discuss the implementation details, or if the gadget idea is possible.

  • could i get this mod plz?

  • I installed it, but I still can not get the stairs to move, just move the camera.

    What am I doing wrong?

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