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Need help with dlcpacks.

  • I have the most recent version, as well as the last version of the game. I added all the dlcpacks to dlclist as well as the appropriate strings to extratitleupdatedata. But it does not work with the latest version. The game keeps crashing and I have no idea why. Its the same amount and same strings on the .meta .xml but it just keeps crashing. I tried a gamesconfig for the latest version, but it still crashes. Please help me. I have 101 dlcs intalled. I have no idea how to combine them, all the tutorials are either poor English or extremely confusing.

  • @MomokaChan your problem is extratitleupdatedata you never ever touch that. No mod will ever need that. put your original one back in. You only modify the dlclist.xml file not extratitleupdatedata

  • @Willief23 Some of the mods require it though, the readmes say to add a string such as

    "<Item type="SExtraTitleUpdateMount">

  • @MomokaChan so far every mod that i have downloaded has not needed to edit extratitleupdatedata. that is an old outdated technique/step that is not needed anymore. i had someone with a previous problem where they couldnt add anymore cars to their game i told them to delete their extratitleupdatedata file and replace it with the original one and sure enough it fixed the problem and they were able to add more cars into their game.

  • @MomokaChan Yeah, you don't need to edit it, just add the line to dlclist.xml.

  • @Willief23 Wait, so some add-ons won't work if you do the extratitleupdate code? We only need to do the dlclist.xml part?
    That's why my addons aren't working!

  • @Willief23 I removed it and it still crashes

  • @MomokaChan try my updated gameconfig and see if that helps.

  • @Willief23 Still nothing. Did they add an addon limit or something? Because I am using way less than I was last update

  • @MomokaChan with each new update you can use less and less addon folders. Thats why older versions of the game can add more cars then say 1.0944 or this newest version 1.1103. You will have to learn how to combine your addon cars into 1 big dlc.rpf file. Nothing over 3.95gb for a single dlc.rpf file or the game will not load.

  • @Willief23 No idea how to do that, all tutorials I found are either confusing or poor english

  • Take a custom one car dlc that works and reverse engineer the code of it. Change what you need for new vehicles. Then start stacking them inside one dlc.

  • @MomokaChan Reysers guide under tutorials is very good for making your own addon car packs. The best advise i can give you is to download the addon military pack that Reyser made for skylines army vehicles. You can look at all the meta files to see how he links up the cars together. Never go over 3.95gb in 1 dlc.rpf file or the game will refuse to load. When copying each meta file do not copy everything inside of it. Once you click on Reysers tutorial download his addon car pack template and choose folder 4. I can give you advice as well as i have made 2 big car packs. I can also help you solve tuning parts not working on your addon cars. I have found a proven method that will allow between 235 cars to have tuning parts working. 255 is the max amount of cars you can have with tuning parts working as this is the game limit. Some people claim to have more cars around 310 or 315 cars with working tuning parts but that requires disabling dlc folders and deleting tuning parts from the vanilla game cars.

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