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[HELP] Mods not even working

  • Okay i replaced the dukes model in GTA V and it wouldnt even change as i start the game it works, the game itself is fine, but, The dukes is still The imponte dukes and not the charger i replaced it with, reminder, I DID REPLACE THE CAR, along with that, i Added DLC files CORRECTLY, and the proper script hook files, and edited the DLC list file but they're still not showing up!!

  • @Ointari1 Where did you put the dukes model files?
    Also you don't have to edit the dlclist.xml if you replace vanilla vehicles.

  • @V4D3R spugrade like it says to. i used the faster Replace car files method, also did the addon installation of the same car still nothing (Tkownz 69 charger)

    But, as i said, I used The add-on File 69charger, to see if that would work, but it didn't, so i changed the DLC LIST accordingly

    but before this I took the easy way which is the replace files method, which as i said didn't change a thing The dukes is still the dukes

  • @Ointari1 If the add-on doesn't spawn even if you have done everything properly, try changing the gameconfig.xml. There're several uploaded on gta5-mods.
    The replace method doesn't work because there's a newer model in the patchday12ng. Put the models into the latest patchday DLC, (don't worry if there's no vanilla dukes files are there) and it will work.

  • @V4D3R i did not know that Thanks!!!!

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