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So I've replaced the texture of the prop_contr_03b_ld.yft cargo container.. and it's still the same color.

  • 0_1498223871101_upload-bf107f2b-f253-4f51-b306-f4fec7e7caa0

    alt text

    What's up with that?

  • @LeeC2202, Any ideas?

  • @JZersche I have just had a quick look and noticed that there are some embedded textures in the ydr files. Have you changed those as well as any in the ytd and yft files?

    I haven't done much with props... but I know that there are quite often embedded textures in various places that can all have an effect on a prop.

    If you look in prop_container_03_ld.ydr, in the embedded textures, there is another prop_container_base_01 file.

    If you need to do anything with embedded textures, this is the tool for the job https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/texture-toolkit

  • I've replace them all, in the YFT, YTD and YDR. The embedded textures and the YTD's also. The screenshot shows the tool you mentioned. I have replaced the heck out of every container that has a blue texture on it, and it still doesn't work.

    I even replaced it outside the mods folder in the original game.

  • Did you check the other textures? You may have replaced the wrong one.

    Or Lee's opinion could be the case too. (Maybe more so his thought than mine, but it doesn't hurt to check.)

  • @JZersche The game has a habit of using tints on objects, so beware of that. If you see a grey texture, don't discount the fact that the game may be using tinting to create variations of that prop. Some of the stunt ramps use that technique, it saves them having multiple props with the same texture, just different colours.

    To test that, make a noticeable change to it in black or white. Write your name on it or something. Then see if that texture appears in the blue colour. If it does, then you know the game is tinting a base greyscale texture.

    Edit: I should just add I am really fishing for possible answers here... I'm not a prop person so I am just trying to throw alternatives into the mix. Maybe @ReNNie can offer some insight, I am sure it was he who did the container changes I remember seeing a while back.

    P.s. Sorry for not spotting the Texture Tool in the screenshot, it's been a long time since I used that. :(

    Further Edit: If you notice in some of the embedded textures, there are files called something like prop_container_03a_pal. Those are palette files and contain the tint colours... so it does use a base texture with a tint going off that. If you export one, then check the very left edge, you will see all the colours it can use.

    This is just a small sample pic of how the palettes and base textures are used. Tint colours along the bottom, tinted versions of the base texture above. This will also get influenced by lighting in-game, so the colours will look different here.

    alt text

  • @LeeC2202

    Ah! So that's how it works! Great. Thanks man! I had to check the left edge. I didn't read your post completely initially, so I was thinking it was an exclamation mark with the pink symbolizing a missing texture or something.


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