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  • Hey guys .

    installed the mods again after I reinstalled the game and installed everything properly but the Scripts folder does not work .. The Map Editor also does not work but all things are in their place .. What can I do ?

  • For me too bro, waiting for update scripthookdotnet... after it should work..

  • I have the same problem no scripts work but native trainer works

  • yes same problem here, so scripthook.net needs updating for the scripts folder to work? however i think it has something to do with the dlc.list, i added the text lines <item>\dlcpacks..... blah blah my addon cars dont work at all so i think it could also be that if anyone has the same issue as me

  • actually, my scripts do work, it was addonpeds text line in the dlc that stopped them working, and also now crashes my game

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