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Are the notifications for newly updated/uploaded mods broken on this site?

  • Are the notifications for newly updated/uploaded mods broken on this site recently?
    Before, whenever a newer version of a mod that I liked and followed is uploaded and approved, I get a notification by the bell icon that there is a new version. However, recently I have not been receiving notifications that a new version of a mod I'm following is uploaded, even though I see that a newer version has indeed been uploaded and approve by clicking on the latest files and sorted the list by latest versions.
    Did something change with the site that I'm not aware of?

  • The same problem

    And also
      I raised the update of one of the vehicles was completed lifting and was approved for you, but I did not see my load in
    (Latest Files) as before.

  • Yeah I'm no longer getting update notifications, only @ comments. Also I notice sometimes files will download at like 30kb/s and if I try again it will go to normal and download at normal rates. Anyone else finding this?


    The coders take a break over the weekend but I've added it to our bug list to be fixed. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday of next week!

    Thanks for the reports.

  • @Dark0ne oh I see, so it wasn't just me afterall haha
    Anyways, thanks for taking it into consideration and will look forward for a fix.

  • Seems like the notification is working now, or at least for one of the many mods I follow. Still unsure anout older mode that I'm following since this one worked for a recent mod I followed.
    But thanks for quick fix 🤘

  • @chang63 yes it was fixed by admins today

  • @FoxtrotDelta Now there seems to be another issue, where you get a double notification for newly updated items. One for notifying that a new version has been uploaded and a second one for stating that the author has uploaded a new file.

  • @chang63 yes that's intentional i think but i shall ask admins none the less.

  • @FoxtrotDelta thanks

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