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Various Vehicles Personal Vehicles/Handling Collection HTML/CSS Directory

  • Old Version: 0.2
    alt text

    So I decided that it would be convenient to have the vehicles list their meta data in textboxes, but I realize I can't release any meta data of an author without their consent. Having a feature like this on the main site would be very convenient. Anyway, I'm willing to share my code when I'm done if anyone wants it. You can use it to setup a page full of all of your personal vehicles with their respective meta data, like a backup, in-case you ever lose your meta files due to corruption, and it also makes it easy to add new vehicles in by having a page right there at your finger tips without having to open up the rpf archive's to extract the data manually, when you're adding vehicles in to your own DLC, instead of installing each and every vehicle as a single add-on.

  • This is actually really cool!

  • This post is deleted!

  • 0_1498783299416_upload-059a09c2-34c2-4b9d-a348-83ec83081b0c


    GTA 5 Mods version here, if I can release it here.

  • To add another vehicle to the list paste this in on Line 75.

    Rinse an Repeat.

    <div id="vehicle_wrapper"><span class="SPAN_VehicleName"><!-- Vehicle Name Goes Here --><img src="https://cdn.iconverticons.com/files/png/9feca6582f22e9a7_256x256.png"></span><img src="#PREVIEWIMAGEOFVEHICLEHERE#"><br><div id="textarea_main_content"><em>VEHICLES.META</em><br><div id="textarea_wrapper"><textarea id="vehiclesmeta">
    <!-- Vehicles.meta HERE -->
    </textarea></div><div id="txdRelationship"><span id='txdr'><!-- txdRelationship Goes Here --></span></div><em>HANDLING.META</em><br><div id="textarea_wrapper"><textarea id="handlingmeta">
    <!-- Handling.meta HERE --->
    </div><!-- End textarea_wrapper -->
    </div><!-- End textarea_main_content -->
    </div><!-- End vehicle_wrapper -->

  • I did some huge updates to this, and I'm in the process of making it public.

    Right now it contains some data and vehicles for my personal DLC pack, which I haven't had permission from the authors to include in a pack, but essentially it's not a pack, it's just a page with a list of vehicles.

    There is a download button implemented right now, but it just links back to GTA 5 mods, so if they're removed from here they won't be there.

    @administrators @Global-Moderators


    What would be the conditions for releasing this? What would I need to remove?
    To make this acceptable for an actual release, until I have permission to make an actual pack out of it. Would it be permissible to release the packs in this way, as in each individual vehicle just showing the vehicle/handling metadata only and a preview of the image, maybe include the authors name there somewhere as well? Would I have to get rid of the download buttons, or just keep them as they are but with links back to GTA 5 Mods, this is only a way to setup vehicle packs, and have access to all the metadata and vehicles in the pack in the form of a website page.

    alt text

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