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GTAV won't load after updates

  • I couldn't remember what i usually replaces when the update.rpf gets updated, but as far as i remember i only need the dlclist, extratitleupdate and the gameconfig. Do i need to reinstall the graphics mod i had too?
    Because I tried reinstalling the graphics mod too, and it still won't load. Took around 5mins and then it crashes. Has anybody experienced the same thing ? Please help if you know how to resolve this problem.


  • @RainbowGTX with the new update 1103 you cant use the old previous version 1032 update.rpf. You will have to add all your mods into the new 1103 update.rpf. Extratitleupdatedata doesnt need to be touched no mod needs it anymore. Try replacing your modded extratitleupdatedata file with a vanilla one and see if your game works.

  • Yeah, i've copied the new update.rpf to the mods folder. I'll try that one, hope it works. By the way, do i need to reinstall my graphics mod or what?

  • Reinstall everything in update.rpf

  • I copied the dlclist.xml and gameconfig, with a vanilla extratitleupdatedata, and i copied the hbaosettings and visualsettings.dat (as i use naturalvision with MVGA timecyc etc), and its still not working.

  • I was having the same problem. I copied and replaced my update.rpf file in the mods folder with the unmodified version. No more crashing.

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