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Rocket Voltic PTFX effect?

  • @Unknown-Modder I'm looping this:

    auto vehAddr = getScriptHandleBaseAddress(veh);
    *(float * )(vehAddr + 0x31C) = 1.25f;


    @Oskar Well, this is what I'm using (also looped)

    if (unlimited_rocket_boost)
    	if (!IS_PED_IN_ANY_VEHICLE(PLAYER_PED_ID(), false)) return;
    	Vehicle veh = GET_VEHICLE_PED_IS_IN(PLAYER_PED_ID(), false);
    	if (_GET_HAS_ROCKET_BOOST(veh))
    			CVehicle::get(veh)->FillRocketBoost(); // basically *(float*)(vehAddr + 0x31C) = 1.25f;
    			    _SET_VEHICLE_ROCKET_BOOST_ACTIVE(veh, false);

    Unlimited rocket boost while holding down the boost key.

  • @stillhere @AHK1221 The list I made a while back is here: http://gtaforums.com/topic/867994-particle-asset-dump/ I guess it was forgotten :p Give me a second and i'll post the relevant code so you can dump new ones and whatever is missing in that list.

  • @AHK1221 Here is the code to dump them:


    You will also need these structures defined somewhere: https://gist.github.com/CamxxCore/38591de5b89088883478f09e82f0c924

    I provided an example of dumping the "core" asset at the bottom

  • @CamxxCore you are honestly the best, thanks so much! Can't believe that thread never popped up in my Google searches. Cheers!

  • @stillhere No problemo. I guess it kinda sank to the bottom :p

  • @Oskar @AHK1221

    Nice idea, I started working on this a few weeks ago. Had a vacation inbetween and was out of the country so just now starting to wrap things up. The info @CamxxCore gave is solid. That's pretty much where I started on the project. Without him I don't think half the FX mods out there would exist! The version I'm doing is pretty much done and I plan to update Ambient FXwith it #soon.

    As for what the effect looks like on jets... its quite nice actually. You'll need to play around with it to get it just right and I did quite a few tweaks to get it to where I liked it. Best of all was able to apply it to all vehicles not just the players. For those interested here's what it looks like.

    alt text

    alt text

    I'd be more than happy to help you if you have questions. There is a very crucial part of this you'll need to keep in mind. In order for this to work correctly you'll need to edit a ymt file. The file is called vfxvehicleinfo.ymt

    Within this ymt you can turn off afterburners for jets thus preventing the issue of clipping between that damned awful purple fx. You cannot use the MetaToolKit to decrypt this file however... BUT I have a version of it that I'll be releasing to the public soon. And before anyone asks you cannot simply replace the ptfx in vfxvehicleinfo.ymt. The reason being is because it works upon a "boost" evolution and not "thrust" and will not work unless scripted.

  • @Dilapidated Nice!

  • @Dilapidated said in Rocket Voltic PTFX effect?:

    Ambient FX

    So do I still need to work on my realistic afterburner script or are you already working on something like that?

  • @Oskar I'm currently working on it, once done I plan to work with @ImNotMentaL to give the ability to all add on jets as well. Not sure if I'll make a new universal afterburner script or just adapt his but the reason I'm putting this into one script is because I enjoy all vehicles having this and it not just being confined to only the players.

  • @Dilapidated Okay, I'll still give my mine a try since it won't be a PTFX effect script only, there will be actual physical effects like in real life too.

  • @Oskar Please do, I have no qualms with it what so ever and would never want to make someone disinterested in creating their own mod. All of us have our own uniqueness. If I find anything interesting or helpful I'll be sure to share with you as well

  • @Dilapidated Thanks for the help!
    I'm wondering if it's possible to disable the default afterburners with a script?
    Maybe by disabling the internal afterburner script of GTA if something like that is possible?
    @CamxxCore @Unknown-Modder ?

  • @Oskar well me and @CamxxCore looked over it and via memory editing its possible to turn the emitters transparent but the purple flame still remains. I think this is because the flame is actually a model within the ypt. So I'm not sure how to go from there but like I said I have a ymt that can be edited as a work around if we can't use memory edits. Cam was looking into it but not sure if he found a work around last me and him spoke about it.

  • Doing some testing tonight. Figured I'd share a video of where I'm at so far. This is with the purple afterburner fx disabled via ymt.

  • Does anyone have a dump of the core fx for me?

  • @Oskar CamxxCore linked to a full PTFX dump close to the top of this page. It includes the core asset.

  • @stillhere Thanks, didn't saw that!


    @Oskar Try looping this:


    Add this to your vehicle namespace:

    static void _SET_VEHICLE_ROCKET_BOOST_PERCENTAGE(Vehicle vehicle, float percentage) { invoke<Void>(0xFEB2DDED3509562E, vehicle, percentage); } // 0xFEB2DDED3509562E

  • @Unknown-Modder Thanks, I'll try that later!

    Does anyone know how to get this heat haze particle working? It's from "scr_solomon3" and the particle name is "scr_trev4_747_engine_heathaze". It doesn't wanna show up for me. I've already tried using SET_PARTICLE_FX_LOOPED_EVOLUTION with the parameter "throttle" (altough it's not being used in the original game script solomon3.ysc).

    @Dilapidated @CamxxCore

  • @Oskar It is working great for me using START_PARTICLE_FX_LOOPED_ON_ENTITY.
    Along with:
    SET_PARTICLE_FX_LOOPED_EVOLUTION(handle, "LOD", 1f, false)
    SET_PARTICLE_FX_LOOPED_EVOLUTION(handle, "throttle", 1f, false)

  • @stillhere hm, isn't showing up at all for me.

  • @Oskar Works fine for me in my jet thrust script. Are you first requesting the asset with REQUEST_NAMED_PTFX_ASSET?

  • @Oskar Then I have no clue.

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