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Rocket Voltic PTFX effect?

  • I know this is old but would anyone know how to add the rocket effect to a add-on mod car? I have the batmobile pack and I'm trying to do it. I added the flag so the car boosts now but there's no flame effect, which I expected. I just can't figure out which file would manage that. I just dug through the smugglers run files to see how they added it to the vigilante and I can't find anything. Thanks for any help

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  • @AHK1221 said in Rocket Voltic PTFX effect?:

    Also did this little dump for all the ptfx asset names in the veh_impexp_rocket dictionary:

    • ptfx_afterburner_rings_rgb.veh_rocket_boost_glow_lit.veh_rocket_boost_glow_lit.veh_rocket_boost_glow_lit.veh_rocket_boost_glow_lit......0ž.P............×ÞÖ4....veh_rocket_boost_rings.veh_rocket_boost_rings.veh_rocket_boost_rings.veh_rocket_boost_rings.veh_rocket_boost_tail.veh_rocket_boost_haze.veh_rocket_boost_haze.veh_rocket_boost_haze.veh_rocket_boost_tail.veh_rocket_boost_haze.veh_rocket_boost_jet.veh_rocket_boost_jet._explosion_fireball.veh_impexp_rocket.RGB_soft_refract.veh_rocket_boost

    This is just a dump from Hex Editor. I think they are seperated by the "." sign.
    I think the ptfxs with RGB in their name their color can be changed with change color native for PTFXs.

    У меня нет тикстуры в veh_impexp_rocket как ийо туда добавить ?

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