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A mod to stop Exhaust Spit?

  • I was civilian driving today, and I saw my car (a Benefactor Serrano) spit, and I realised that that is so unrealistic - it's not even a sports car. I would love some sort of mod that disables tyre spit on SUV's and non sports cars and supercars, and it even stops spitting if you have an upgraded exhaust? This would be great :) PM me :)

  • Uh... what spitting?

  • @ethannn_ @TobsiCred I don't recall the Serrano ever spitting. Did you spawn your car Ethan? And if so, has it been spawned pre-tuned, or you tuned it right when you spawned it?

  • @krashadam It did have an exhaust upgrade

  • @krashadam
    @ethannn_ said in A mod to stop Exhaust Spit?:

    and it even stops spitting if you have an upgraded exhaust?

  • @ethannn_ That's the point of an upgraded exhaust, though. If you don't like it, switch it out via trainer. Easy. I recall driving a few cars in the game that had the spit function in them by default (e.g, the Zentorno, or the Infernus)

  • @krashadam Yeah but not in real life on cars like that, I never said that's not the point, I just want the spit to stop.

  • @ethannn_ Turn off the upgraded exhaust. Have you tried that?

  • @krashadam I want the upgraded exhaust. You are not understanding...

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