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Bug reports [website]

  • @wyll001 Is it the one that brings you to a random highlighted topic?

  • Hello, I have created an account on yahoo email and i can’t activate. It should be useful to can log into account and to change activation email, thank you.

    Also change username would be so helpful at least 1 time/year

  • This post is deleted!

  • Which ever administrator accepted my Livery, added a tag that was misspelled and for that it will not show up via the [Livery] tag please correct it :D

    (https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/san-andreas-game-warden-livery-cvpi-mostly-universal is my texture)

    Thank you.


    @Beastly_Gaming Fixed. (Btw, admins don't approve mods, moderators do)

  • Hello.

    If I search for Range Rover in Cars category i can't see any car. In the SUV category it just only show 4.

    When I'm searching for Range Rover in the search bar, I can see 9, but I'm sure that isn't all of them, because there is SCRATs Evoque, and the search doesn't show it.

  • @Dark0ne Hi there.
    In chat section I've got this bug:
    alt text
    It happens only with that user. All the others are ok. I don't know if it's something with his username, forbidden sign or something else, but it happens in Firefox and Chrome aswell.

  • my friend cannot make an account, maybe this can be fixed?

  • Hello, is the notifications of this website broken? It's not been updated for me. I am following some user to see if they upload a new mod and they did upload some new mods but the mods are not appearing in my notification bell. Pls fix this. Thanks

  • Recently if I use shortcut on my phone to get on your site, I get fake virus alert... never had this happening with Firefox on my desktop

    Sometimes this happened without me clicking anything, when I'm already on your website and idling, it just changes on its own... I can make a screenshot next time it happens if you need it, but it doesn't show your page when that alert pops, it has a background of another page in which it changes into. I'm trying to monitor this for a while so I can notice if it happens with another site, but so far it happened about five times only in relation to this site.

  • I submitted a skin, got approved etc, but someone is unable to download the skin, he says it just goes back to the home page. I have successfully downloaded it since. Not sure if its a problem with the site or the individual user. The Skin in question is Mercedes-Benz Vito SACF www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/mercedes-benz-vito-sacf . Thanks in advance for any help


    That file download is working fine for me, @thewizz100

  • @Dark0ne ok thanks i will let them know ; )

  • Again today 2 weaks later, it just happen twice, i load vehicles page from favorites on phone and it redirect me first to some facebook fake looking page, it wouldn't let me use back button on a phone, I used home page to get my self out of there, then pushed favorites shortcut to here and it redirected me again to some fake virus warning, it first shows your page then you see how it's reloading and gets redirected. I tried a few times over again but it never happen anymore, but I experience this only on a phone, so for it only happened here and I load pages on the phone all the time all day long... it's not that big of a deal just to let you know

  • Ohhh, unless they just adds, lol,

  • @tall70 make sure your device isn't effected by a Browser Hijacker. because it has never been reported or has never happened to many people before. however on a different website long time ago this happened and i reinstalled my broweser that solved it.

  • @FoxtrotDelta R u talking about phones? Since you said device? because, I am on Android and it only happen so far on this site with it. Without exaggeration literally. But i really appreciate the answer, because i don't recognize unwanted activity on phones yet. It's not like i can look in process list of PC where you eventually remember all sys processes and services, etc. If i have to i will reinstall my phone's Chrome, just how strange it is, so far it only happen on one site and you do know sites get attacked all the time without owners knowledge, google was blocking gta4-mods all the time before even tho it was due to modder's upload content i believe

  • @tall70 Does the problem occur in other browsers (Firefox, Opera, etc)?

  • I'm just testing Adblock free Firefox, so that might going to isolate it if it's not going to happen, thanks for response... it's just so weird because most of the hijacked phones are having same problem on more than one site, or they reporting that it happens every time they get on it, unlike for me.... I also cleared all the data from chrome, and used mallwarebytes which found 0 problems, and redirecting is still happening on chrome. I'll let you know few days later if Firefox had no issues

  • I did, few things, try to reinstall Chrome, but it really only disables it, it's not completely removed, I did delete all collected data by Chrome, but it's still happening. I was just searching on many websites for used vehicles, things to fix, so far there was not one more website with same problem..... it's not happening on Firefox.... it is possible that it's somehow stuck in chrome, which I can't simply delete and reinstall on Android phone, I pointed out this before because I thought you might suspect some problem, I've heard about some scripts could be attached to mobile versions of websites, some other people had this happening due the Google advertisement, which I did reset with no difference. Also I tried mobile Malware bytes, but it came with zero issues.... it's really no problem I just use Firefox for this website on my phone....have Marry Christmass people

  • Changing the version number of the mod. Changes the virus scan from green (virus total scanned) to orange (virus total NOT scanned)

  • @Cass Just tried it and that didn't happen for me.

  • @Jitnaught Just checked again. Working now.

  • Thanks to HeySlickThatsMe and 4lph4re4per for reporting these problems on the Discord server. I have tested the problems myself as well, with the same results.

    All of these are only occuring on the mobile version of the site.

    Problem #1 (main website):
    Sizing issue

    When zooming out the webpage becomes smaller but the floating header remains the same size (whitespace on the right side of the page).

    Problem #2 (forums):
    No PM notification

    No indicator that there is a new PM. I believe this is caused by PMs not being added to the notifications list.

    Problem #3 (forums):

    The NEW tag is overlapping the message preview.

    @Dark0ne Could you have these looked at after Christmas? Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Hey guys i have a problem with profile photos



    Any suggestion or explanation for that ??

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