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Bug reports [website]

  • @ikt yes...thanks... open image in new window does it just fine

  • Is this only for pc

  • @Jessykascott18 Of course. Talk of console modding is against the rules here. That includes online modding.

  • Hi, i don't know if it's a bug or not, but i have a problem when i want to change my profile picture, on forums.gta5-mods i have a different picture than www.gta5-mods.com . How can i change my pictures to be the same on both sites, i want to change the Naruto picture and replace with my anime one (the picture in left screenshot) When i want to change picture, always re-direct me to the website picture, not the one to the forum, which always remain the same. Thanks!
    alt text


    @geonfsmw It's a known bug but isn't top priority at the moment so don't expect it to be fixed anytime soon.

  • @Unknown-Modder Ok, maybe someone from Stuff can change the picture for me?


    @geonfsmw The only person that could do this is Dark0ne. Send him a PM.

  • @Unknown-Modder Ok, thanks

    1. I've been @'d on some things that never triggered a notification for.
    2. I have a video as my default for one of my files that i'm unable to delete.
    3. The search function is really messed up, i'll search for some things and it'll say no results but then i'll come across it later on. (See screenshot)




    @bizzlezx10r said in Bug reports [website]:

    1. The search function is really messed up, i'll search for some things and it'll say no results but then i'll come across it later on. (See screenshot)



    yep. anything i search comes up as no results. think it's a bug

  • There is a problem with "sort by: Last upload - Latest versions

    These two categories seem to be identical! Latest versions shows practically last uploads..

  • @Kappa_IT indeed! also the website sometimes shows outdated mods, no one else has this problem?

  • @georgio026 Perhaps you're misunderstanding what "Latest versions" means? It means that a new file, or version, has been added to the mod. When you go to a mod it may say it was created two years ago, but since you're sorting by versions (new files) and not uploads (new mods), you may be shown this mod at the top of the list since it may have a newly added version.

    If it really is showing outdated mods, can you take some screenshots the next time you notice the problem and post them here so we can see?

  • @administrators @Global-Moderators I probably had the ultimate bug today.

    I simply refreshed the page when looking through a couple of mods and suddenly I was in another person's account. At first I thought someone hacked me and changed my name, but it turns out I was in somebody else's account. I logged out, and logged back into my own account.

    This is ridiculous, and absolutely unacceptable. I'm worried for the safety of my own account. Since it happened to me, who's to say it won't happen to other people, especially to those with malicious intentions in mind, with other accounts? I really hope something is done about this so that it never happens again, it shouldn't have happened in the first place.


    @WildBrick142 happened to someone else a while ago. pretty sure @Dark0ne was looking into this


    We still definitely are, but we can't repeat it on our end, which means it's very difficult to diagnose and then fix. We've ruled out issues with the cache (like what Steam had a couple of years back), and the likelihood of a session ID match is the same odds as winning the lottery 3 times in a row or something, so we think it's very (very) unlikely to be that. So, we're pretty stumped!

    If this happens to anyone else please contact me directly or, if you want to be really helpful, please join the 5Mods Discord server (https://discord.gg/RmdeAPw) and ping me. I will then put you in direct contact with our programmers who will be very thankful to speak to you in an effort to get to the bottom of this.

  • i think some chase of the site got cleared beacose for few hours you could not find anything you searched and now only new stuff uploaded can be found when searching, it might be unfixable but if it can be fixed would be awesome so people dont need to go trought thousands of mods to find few mods... Thanks anyway for the amazing website



    In case of most of my mods I can't save the mod's page after I edited it.

    Two kind of symptoms:

    1. I edit the mod's description (or else) and I push the save button and the "saving" pop-up appears for a sec and disappears and thats it, nothing been saved!

    2. I edit the mod's description (or else) and I push the save button and cloud flare captcha appears. I identify my self as human (:D) then appears a page with error witch say me that the page doesn't exist.

    I tried with Firefox and Chrome, with and without adblocker, nothing helps.

    Some of my mods I can edit, but most of them I can't.

    I'm using Windows 10 64bit.

  • It's bug i approve my own with edit button and download too. And when I go to comment link for approval it's give spam for any comments
    What I do then?

  • I search common things like replace or skylinegtrfreak and no search results WTF

  • 403 when trying to upload a file.
    So I tried to upload a file and I did all the stuff you need to do (Added category, tags, name, description, upload images, set video adding options) and then I pressed the green button and got an Unknown Error. I checked the javascript console and It threw a 403 Http error.


    I found out what causing my problem!

    If I write links in the description or into the optional link fileld which is for the forum topic link, I can't save my mod page.

    If I delete every links from the description and from the link field I can save the mod page!

    Maybe a misconfigured rule causing the problem?

  • 2 things please...

    I could not upload different pictures on mod update, it would show them in setup, but after saving the changes, the page would not have them, tried several times.

    Is it normal to have "browser checking" every few minutes? It looks like that kind of check i would see when getting on sites through vpn


    @tall70 are you using ad blocker? if you are that can cause issues with uploading screenshots

  • @tall70 Browser checking is due to DDOS protection which was re-enabled recently.

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