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Bug reports [website]

  • @FoxtrotDelta said in Bug reports [website]:

    @Remix well sir,

    you can add tags when you upload a file. and those tags are moderated by the moderation team.

    you can also mark files for deletion and the notification goes to moderation team which can put those files on unpublished state and they go into trash bin for admins to remove later.

    im not sure about custom thumbnails, could you please explain it a bit more what are you looking for in there?

    1. Actually, when adding a new modification it was possible to type / add tags .. but by accident I missed this item and I uploaded the file and now I can not add the tag anywhere.

    Can you add the ability to add / remove tags in specific locations?

    1. when adding a new modification

    2. when uploading files.

    3. when the file is already uploaded.

    If the tags have to be approved by administrators and admins then simply give them the ability to enter tags yourself .. and they will only appear after your approval.

    1. Same with deleting files ..

    I uploaded a few times to the wrong version of the file and can not delete it now.

    Give the option of [delete] next to files and comment on why we want to delete the file. Once approved by administrators and moderators the file will be deleted.

    So we can do it ourselves without asking anyone ... but with your permission.

    1. Custom thumbnails such as those on YouTube. The thumbnail is only shown in the preview, and in the gallery itself it can not be seen when viewing the modified image.

  • @Remix admins will read this and i will forward it to them as well , we shall see what they decide.

    Thumbnail idea has to be debated among staff . we will do that. Not sure right now about that.

    But tags at updating a file yea that makes sense.

    For now you can use report feature on ur file like i used to do for a whole year when rappo was incharge and he would add tags or delete files for me :) we basically have ten ppl at rappo's moderation job, but yea none of us are rappo, cant be :)

    But that said please use report functionality and report to us the missing tags or files u need deleted till new features come or get approved.

  • @FoxtrotDelta


    Information for Admins:

    In conclusion .. a regular user like me clicks eg:

    [Delete file] - please remove because it is wrong to upload.

    The request goes to you and we are waiting for acceptance or refusal .. or contact for the purpose of the association.

    Or [add tag] - The request goes to you and we are waiting for acceptance or refusal .. or contact for the purpose of the association and only after the acceptance of the tags appear ..

    It will not be automatic and without control ... it will be more comfortable for us .. and safe.

  • @Remix these are new siggestions and these were never tested in our website. The admins are more experienced in this stuff than me, they have been running nexus mods sites for many years over 15+ years i believe. So i trust their judgement . they handed the moderation of tags and deletion of files and in moderstion teams hands . we have 10 moderators and usually once a report comes in it hardly tskes an hour for us to delete or add tags or remove files.

    Auto mated tags will cause chaos . deletion kind of works for now, but as said my personal opnion is they should be moderated.

  • i upload 4 mods with update.
    but i can't check 'pending' or 'approved'
    some... complicated.

    (1) solved badge > always 'approved'. can't check 'pending' or not

    (2) ※ not bug, just checked
    'Latest Files' on main page > i can see Administrator-approved files.

    (3) updated report
    approved & update file on list
    need to wait, for list refreshing > appear on list, a few minutes or around an hour (i'm not sure.)
    appear on which page with new version.
    sometime appear on 1st page.
    sometime appear on not changed page. It's too far back, so I can't find it.

    (4) updated report
    nothining Notifications on icon, about pending and approved.

    (5) updated report
    upload new update by ver. number > pending > approved > sometime empty or old (ex. v1.6)

  • @dsawdsaw we will look into that thanks

  • @TobsiCred thats a bug on your side . i can use it on mobile phone :P thats not a site bug. I confirmed just now

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    thank u :slight_smile:
    just need more time for gta5-mods

  • @dsawdsaw for version being empty you have to manually out version number there. Its very important

  • solved
    [report] unpublished
    (1) Unpublished my a mod (only 1file, 1version mod)
    (2) removed download button only
    (3-1) 'Approved' badge Yet. (my upload page)
    (3-2) user can see that mod too

  • @TobsiCred aha, i got it. thank u ^^

  • @TobsiCred on a cell phone two windows open for message in box . it has been a bug since like 7 months now. had reported it to rappo many times.

    basically close one window and there is another one behind it.


  • @TobsiCred 21 Tabs? Was machst du denn da im Internet... :P

  • @TobsiCred Auf dem screenshot seh ich aber 21

  • [reports] mod page
    hope to make hide deleted mods... ><

  • @dsawdsaw hmm okay i'll talk to programmer buddies :D

  • @dsawdsaw we can fix those now thanks to the programmer friends. just use report feature and moderation team will delete those for u.

  • @FoxtrotDelta thank u ^^b

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    download external link function is gone?

  • @TobsiCred
    "Upload a new file (.zip, .rar, .7z and .oiv only; Maximum 400MB)"
    is it wrong?
    anyway, removed good function...

  • @TobsiCred @dsawdsaw They temporarily put a limit back.


    @TobsiCred Which are the mods you've unpublished?

  • @Jitnaught um- ok. thanks ^^


    @TobsiCred So you just wanted to unpublish the download button or the entire mod page?

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