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GTA 5 Real Life mod (family Friendly) for my 6 year old HELP:)

  • Hello GTA comminity,

    I have a six-year-old who calls himself a gamer and he wants to play GTA so bad and I am one of those parents that won't let him YET.
    We don't have PCs we only have Mac's but we do have an Xbox one. Can anyone tell me if I can get this loaded to the Xbox one?
    He was able to find that there is a family-friendly GTA five real life exploring mod. I am not as computer savvy probably as my six-year-old, but darn close. I see I can download the game to Xbox one, and I keep looking at all the YouTube videos, and it says download this mod for all consouls, yet I cannot figure it out how to down load the real life family friendly to Xbox one! Maybe it's just not possible, but the searches I have been doing seem t make me think I can. Your friendly advise would Ben appreciated.

  • @Thinmarlin Mods for XBOX One, or PS4 are not possible. These mods are only for PC. Sorry :(

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