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[HELP] [ZMODELER] [VEHICLE] Problems after adding a Taxi Sign to the Car. Who can help?

  • Hello Guys!
    Actually i work on a Vehicle which i try to edit but since two Days i have a Problem and i can't solve it.
    Before i burst i write this Thread now. Maybe someone can tell me what i'm doing wrong...

    I've downloaded the unlocked "2011 Volkswagen Polo 5-Door" from
    DyVerze & Team MOH (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2011-volkswagen-polo-5-door) and the Zmodeler3 Ressource "Taxi Signs".
    I want to make a German Driving School Car and put a Taxi Sign on the Roof. Also i made a Skin for the Car:
    alt text

    But the Problem is after exporting the Vehicle Model with Zmodeler3 For example when i open the Door of the Car and drive against a Wall and the Door get disconnected from the Car, the Body of the Car bugs and cloned themselve:
    alt text
    But i didn't find the Issue. Someone told me that's a fail in the [COL], is that right??

    Do someone have a Idea how that can be fixed??

    Greetings from Google Translator ;)


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