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[VEHICLE] American School Bus

  • Hi Someone Can Make a American School Bus, i try of modify the Prison Bus but since i dont know anything about 3D modeling the project end unfinished basicly left "clone" "copy" a modified middle bar and put in the others windows... thats all. or in other case using other model i found the Batman Arkham Knight School Bus Model its perfect and the same size that the Rockstar Prison Bus. or a High Quality real life School Busalt text alt text
    or in other case i can buy a real model expensive but i guess worth it link text

  • @PCPanamaCrew Great model. I would like to convert it, but I prefer the real model and have polygon that don't reach 500,000 or above :slight_smile: . You can send over the model to my email at suuuuuurya@gmail.com ("U" six times)

  • @PCPanamaCrew That poly count on the bus is really pushing it... That model will be at least 15mb in size; a model that detailed and with that many polys is sure to have issues. This is a lower poly model of the exact same bus by the same author, though I would look around on Turbosquid more. http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/x-hqlp-2015/1015621

    From what I have noticed and have been told, though the OpenIV team seems to disagree about, OpenIV has a poly limit, or at least OpenIV will crash, when a model of around 500,000 polys is injected into the game, so keep that in mind when looking for a model.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 OpenIV does not have poly limit.
    And if your OpenIV is crash it is better to report it.

  • I have been using a model from Driver: SF, which I think is quite good. I started converting IT to GTA IV (never finished) and now wanted to port it over to V.

  • @GooD-NTS Well something is causing OpenIV to crash on large models. I have a screenshot...somewhere. Would this problem just apply to vehicle models or say - weapons or textures as well?

  • @SkylineGTRFreak Since when do you convert school buses? :rofl:

  • @nathanjamesddg151 I have a fascination for these US vehicles. I also love the CVPIs and wanted to convert a UPS Mercedes delivery vehicle at some point xD

  • @SkylineGTRFreak CVPi, huh... I actually asked you if you could convert one: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/3d-crown-victoria-police-car/970490 never did respond. And yeah, Americn cars have a lot of variety... Still yet to see a German muscle car. Anyway, I'll buy the car (as usual) if you want to convert it. But first, let's at least finish the HMMWV. (And perhaps the Defender).

  • @nathanjamesddg151 we need to know what the problem is. If you have files which causes this issue send me a PM.

  • @GooD-NTS Okay... I can't remember which file it was. I also know that when importing a texture to a texture file using OpenIV, with the texture being large, like around 10mb, it would crash, but I downsized the texture size and it worked. As for the file... I can't remember which one it was - or if I even still have it. It might have been with the USS Nathan James Mod that I have been working on with @SkylineGTRFreak (hence why this is in the forum, and not a chat room). Though interestingly, large texture files (40+ MB) seem to import fine, but large models... not so much. @SkylineGTRFreak was there a problem with the file size of the Nathan James? @GooD-NTS I'll see if I can find the file that caused the issue. Not having to worry about if OpenIV can handle the large file size would open up a lot of possibilities.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak said in [VEHICLE] American School Bus:

    @nathanjamesddg151 I have a fascination for these US vehicles. I also love the CVPIs and wanted to convert a UPS Mercedes delivery vehicle at some point xD

    I happen to live near a UPS sort facility. Interesting fact, UPS was founded in my home town of Seattle, Washington in 1907.

    @PCPanamaCrew I happen to like the older style one myself better:

  • @nathanjamesddg151 While people do not report all crashes in OpenIV it will not support anything.

  • @GooD-NTS Eh...nope,the crash issue exists,it's just not so many people would make one texture file so big :P
    Since I'm a fan in aviation,I'd always add airline liveries to these airplane mods,and the texture is most likely to be 4K,once more than like 10 4K texture is inported into one file,then you click save,the program tends to crash itself,or the texture would be corrupted,either way this is a bug :(

  • @Elope @GooD-NTS Maybe it was just a texture file... Anyway, for any further discussion, it would be best to start a new thread.

  • sorry for the late replys.

    @nathanjamesddg151 Well some guy has a 1 Million Poly Ferrari California of turbosquid too in the download section: link zero problems to others.

    @nathanjamesddg151 yes i was thinking in the International 3800 the 2004 exactly, the rockstar Prison Bus is Based in these model

    alt text but theres no 3d model of this bus. only generic ones like in the links you show, but also the 2015 model is great and feels more modern.

    my idea of my project is later of the port to the game, modify and transform in this:PANAMANIAN DIABLO ROJO Album Examples

    Basicly a Retired U.S School Bus "Urban Tuned" to offer public transport in my country. but also they are master work with his paintjobs.

    so my cheaper option is donate to some heavy modifier like El Creador or other modders that can modify the vainilla cars and end the project of the PBUS with Windows Separators, relesase as School Bus 1.0, later add all accesories and transform in a Diablo Rojo

    The Arkham Bus looks great for a 100% High quality School Bus Mod, but no so great for my project.

    and the expensive 3d model 2015 international School Bus of Turbosquid also looks great and works for my project too but gonna cost like 150 usd in Total (130 for the 3d model - 30 -40 of donation to the modder that gonna convert it to gta v.)(the modders spend electricity and time making this so its correct giving some "Pizzas"(a med pizza cost 10 usd) for his work.

    im gonna update when i took my final decision but the first option seems the more reasonable.

  • @PCPanamaCrew I actually like that Arkham one... (though it could use some cleaner textures) just thought I'd point a few things out. I was just pointing out that of that model you posted, there was a lower poly one that would be more suited for V.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 the problem is that some of his components are to much lower poly the tyres,the exaust squared 0_0

  • @PCPanamaCrew The tires seem nice though... Maybe they're just really good normal maps... Have you tried using the tires from the GTA V prison bus?

  • @nathanjamesddg151 the funny thing of the R Pbus is that they use 4 wheels(unreal for a heavy truck), and if you see the Arkham,turbosquid model is that the real ones use 6 in total. but also not worth put these R Generic Truck Wheels in a high quality model. i guess i gonna contact b4good to convert the arkham knight model.

  • @PCPanamaCrew never noticed that...

  • Guys, it's better that one of you guys try and convert these 3 school buses from turbosquid and the american one to GTA V. I understand y'all's concern, but there is no need to have a debate or an argument about one particular school bus unless it is something very important.

  • @GTyler5 "7 years ago"

  • @EcLiPsE I understand it's been 7 years ago, but I am just saying that if one of you guys can try and do atleast one at a time to see what requirements it has, it'll be easy for each different school bus. Anyways, did one of you guys tried it before?

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