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[Recent OpenIV News] Figureight: "Take-Two reversed C&D on OpenIV"

  • Orignal video:

    Video by Figureight

    This immediately had my attention, I don't recall Take-Two reversing their C&Ds ever, but in the above video Figureight says APPARENTLY they did.

    I'm not saying this is true, or fake. I'm asking if any of you have found videos/articles that say this exact same thing.

    Now, normally I don't watch GTA5-centered YouTubers, because 100 out of 1 chances it's always clickbait, but the bit "T2 removes C&D" had me interested, so I clicked and placed it here to give you guys a look. Didn't watch through it yet because I can't stand watching people play GTA 5 and talk non-stop about things that send you way off the track of what info you're really looking for.

    Please tell me what you think. If you have a new source with the same statement, please place it here.

    I personally think it's a lie, because nobody else here was all like "OPENIV MIGHT BE COMING BACK" other than me. Hey, I might be wrong, it could be true.. I hope... :disappointed:

  • @krashadam Please keep OpenIV discussions in the pinned thread The end of OpenIV.

    For updates on OpenIV and ScripthookV, please refer to [Information/Discussion] ScriptHookV & OpenIV Updates.


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