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Green Traffic Signal Always

  • I know, since, what am I asking is kindda tough and if I am not wrong, it requires hell of a reverse
    engineering, but is it possible to make, all traffic signal in the player's path to turn green, and not all other signals to stay red, as long as player waits? So that, player's vehicle can move without stopping or waiting much.

  • Dont we ignore the traffic rules and rush through all those sections all the time like LAPD officers on code 2 1/2 lol?

  • @Elope True. :P
    But, I thought this would be nice, to see, that everyones waiting but us/our lane. So, driving around just like a VIP.
    LSPD won't ticket us, cause we ain't running the red-light anymore. Wait a Second!!! There is no RED LIGHT. :D :P

  • Yes, you have good idea, but its imposible to do. Better one would be when traffic lights will change more often like in GTA IV. I dont know if its also posible but if anyone have some clue where i can find these values or maybe mod like it existing please share a link. Thanks !

  • IIRC, the Watch Dogs V mod can control the traffic lights, but I can't confirm it right now.

  • @Revenge
    Thanks, as I said in my initial description, I am unsure, and I know its way to hefty reverse engineering, which might not be even possible. :)
    @stillhere Thanks for the input, I will certainly give a try to that mod and confirm.

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