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[Map - WIP: 9% - HELP WANTED] Victoria, Seattle, 1999 [fictional city]

  • "Welcome to Victoria, the greatest town in all of the United States Of America!" ~Mayor Lee Vercetti

    Victoria, founded in 1932, is a fictional city in Washington State.

    "For 67 years we have been proudly serving our community with the best law enforcement, health care, automotive service, housing, and now, since 1980, with C.R.A.S.H on your side, you will never be harmed by the dangers of the streets AGAIN!!!

    We invite you to be part of our happy community! Come and see the mountains!"

    ~Mayor Lee Vercetti, January 2nd, 1992 (the same day of the Cluckin' Bell Drive-By)

    That, what you just read, was the backstory. I poked at little bits from Vice City and San Andreas, which will all connect with the new city.

    Victoria is a large suburban town. It will be an Add-On map for GTA 5 when finished.

    I have several things I want to do, all of which are listed down here:

    I plan on having a lot of roads to cruise, with lots of new things to find, especially secrets.

    I hope to include working traffic and pedestrians, using CodeWalkers 3D Map for GTA 5 (it's newest update included creating new A.I for new maps so this is one of many excuses to make this map. :p

    A story MAY be available. (Not likely, but if it gets far enough, I may make one.

    I hope to include working lights in the map.

    I hope to add stores, as well as locations where you can purchase a vehicle.

    Safehouses, as well as Hideouts.

    Brand new police force (VPD, Victoria Police Department)

    Location specific patrol (Security in golf carts for either parks, trailer parks, shops, parking lots, or certain elders in the retirement homes.

    Oh, and by the way, I might add retirement homes, just in case if you want to experience the last 4 seconds of your life before you actually experience the last 4 seconds of your life.

    Criminals will lurk the streets at certain hours.

    I have a file (although I'm not sure I can link it) of what I have so far. But things will definitely change. For example, the program I'm using creates too many vertexes and triangles, so I'm trying to find a way to change these factors.

    Screenshots [REUPLOADED]:

    Screen 1

    Screen 2

    Screen 3

    Screen 4

    Screen 5

    Screen 6

    Screen 7
    ^If those pics disappear, Unsee.cc has a thing where it'll delete images after certain times. I set it to a day. Please notify me when they do, I need a better place to upload.

    As you can see, it is heavily based on some low-income suburbias.

    I have various pictures I took inspiration from, some of which I will post at a later date.

    But the problem is that, all of this work is hard for 1 guy to do. So I ask for your suggestions/help with this map. I am already having a tough time working on this map, so your assistance is welcomed, but required to meet the demands I already have. (Please post screenshots of any potential changes you have made, then I will see if I like those changes and can add them.)

    Program: ROBLOX Studio (What a regret, but the damage is done, the thing is that ROBLOX can export to OBJ, and has a community that uploads a SHIT-TON of assets, but it's all comprised of stolen ones though, so I can't tell who the real authors are (and please don't claim other wise.)

    Requirements: Knowledge of porting maps to GTA 5 (with working reflections), as well as working street lights (optional), expertise with ROBLOX Studio, in terms of road creation, buildings (NO MODERN BUILDINGS), and landscaping.


    If these aren't met your contribution to this mod will not be accepted.

    Thanks again!

  • Bump. (I can bump, it's been a day.)

  • @krashadam Can you reupload the pics

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Pantyshot I'm at it now.

  • @krashadam If it wasn't the god-for-saken Roblox studio, I would've chipped in :(

  • @AHK1221 lol true. This probably a dead project already because of ROBLOX. I might start a new map with Valve's Hammer Editor.

    Anybody else for a Hammer map instead of ROBLOX? If anybody wants to port models to MDL (for Gmod reasons), I can hand you models, as well as the new map itself.

  • Good. I can make VPD police cars.

  • @Dekurwinator Awesome! But it will have to wait, my computer is dead. Has been for 2 straight days.

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