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Stable gameconfig.xml that works with the Online map? (No "Out of Memory errors")

  • I was wondering if there are any gameconfig.xml's out there that are stable, while using the updated map. Eventually I get a "Out of memory" error. It is typically when playing for 20 minutes.

    I want to be able to have all of my add on cars, and be able to play for as long as I want, while using the Online map. But, I noticed that these errors even occur when I am not using the add on cars. There eventually becomes a point where pausing the game will give me the error. Heck, even using the file with only a few add on cars will still crash.

    So, does anyone have a file which works with the Online map, and gets NO "Out of memory" errors? If it crashes after a few hours, that isn't good enough because it still means its unstable. Different factors can make it crash earlier, and the fact that it is crashing means that the memory still isn't being properly managed. It takes away all the fun when I have to worry about the game crashing suddenly.

    I was thinking about two things that could be causing the out of memory errors and ways to prevent them.

    1. There is some sort of master pool which the vehicle pool, along with other pools are contained. When increasing the vehicle pool, the master one gets a stack overflow error. Using the Online map obviously requires more memory, which triggers the out of memory error.
    2. Rather than increasing the value to a ridiculous number which allows for 400 add on cars, I increase it enough so it just has enough room for the ones I need. That is what Rockstar does every update it seems. This could be another way to keep my game stable.

    So do you guys have anything that could allow me to have a stable game, and more add on vehicles?

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